Google's latest ad reminds you the Pixel 3a 'Is Google' while iPhone 'Has Google'

23 May 2019
You get a better Google for more than half the money.

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asiandoestech, 25 May 2019This is why I bought a Windows Phone.I like your thinking.

This is why I bought a Windows Phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 2019the 3a was never meant to be the most powerful phone in the mark... moreNexus phones came with the then top-of-the-line SoCs so developers could familiarize themselves with the latest enhancements and features. They shipped with bone-stock android, forgoing customization or extra features. They were bargain priced, and mediocre in most other respects because it didn't really matter - they were not really intended as consumer devices.

The Pixel line are nothing like Nexus handsets, they have generally shipped with last year's processor; they have a customized version of Android in Pixel Launcher & Pixel camera not officially available anywhere else; they are premium priced in their categories (3a is an expensive midrange handset, 3 is an expensive flagship handset); are first and foremost consumer devices.

People making this comparison don't know what they're talking about.

  • Anonymous

This ad highlights precisely why I switched back to iOS after 6 years on Android...

  • Anonymous

Kind of like the point why I bought an iPhone: to avoid google and not touch any of their spying tools. lol

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 24 May 2019the saddest most pathetic excuse everI agree with him that a iTunes bypass option should have had a drag and drop files function directly to the device, forcing people to use this is meh. Yet who needs Google anyhows DuckduckGO is gonna be standard search engine for all Huawei probably! :D

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Huawei is de wei! Who needs Google anyhows. V-V

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 May 20192 year old CPU? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? Bruh that's not even ... morethe 3a was never meant to be the most powerful phone in the market, the 670 is sufficient for simple tasks. It's like a nexus device

Anonymous, 23 May 2019Pixel what? Why buy this ecpensive crap when you can get an andr... moreWhat phone would that be? State the model name and price. Don't make empty argument.

Too bad Apple can't banned Google in its own country. Hahaha.

  • AL

Duck of death, 23 May 2019Why buy an Android One for lots of money when you can use to pla... morerofl nice one !

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Anonymous, 23 May 2019Pixel what? Why buy this ecpensive crap when you can get an andr... moreNo you don't get all "Google goodies" on Android one phone. For now, just tell me one Android phone that has camera this good for $400. You have to compare a pixel to Android one phone and you'll find that Android one is even more bare bones. Pixels also have some exclusive features like pixel sounds, Now listening, squeeze, and many more

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srscat, 23 May 2019How about the same legendary pixel camera* and famous razer 2 be... more2 year old CPU?
Bruh that's not even 6 months old!

Frankly, only having Google is more than enough Google for me.

  • Ishan Jaiswal

LOL..its true........Apple is nowhere near to Google as UX.

Just waiting for this device to reach the critical mass price point of $199. We'll see by Black Friday. It's already going for $299 at Best Buy right now if you sign up. It's going to be much lower than that and without needing to sign up for a contract.

It reminds me of the iPhone SE price from $399 in 2016 to $199 AT&T prepaid by mid-2017. And that's an iPhone. Android prices plummet faster. Patience is the key here. The $199 price point should be the sweet spot. Then it will drop to $99 a year after that.

  • Zero

What an idiotic move is doing Google?
Thinking that attacking Apple and Huawei they will attract consumers and then Samsung and Xiaomi gives them from behind a dose of reality.

And then we've got the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 devices, which are also going to run Goo----nevermind.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 23 May 2019Screw Apple. I will always be Team Google. Most people in the... morethe saddest most pathetic excuse ever

Bruh Google are just Apple biggest fans...