Google’s new video shows how to switch from iPhone to Pixel

Ricky, 26 October 2016

Google has just posted two new videos on its YouTube account which breaks down the setup process for transferring your data from an iPhone and familiarizing yourself with your phone.

The first video is “Switching from iPhone”, and explains how to prepare your iPhone for transferring data to your Google Pixel or Pixel XL. The nice lady reminds you to turn off iMessage and FaceTime, and to make sure both devices are charged to at least 50% before continuing.

On the setup page, tapping on “Copy your data” will bring you to the screen that will be able to see what is on your old device before transferring. You’ll need to use the “Quick Switch Adapter” (A.K.A. OTG adapter) that’s graciously included with every Pixel.

Once everything is transferred over, a second video can help you get familiar with the ins and outs of the Google Pixel and getting used to the on-screen controls. It also shows you how to open Google Assistant, and use the navigation buttons. Overall, it shows you how to get around the Pixel Launcher, particularly the new app-drawer opening gesture.

As Droid-Life pointed out, the Google Play Store version demoed in the video is not out yet, notable changes include a color scheme makeover and cleaner app descriptions with a larger “Install” button.



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I like more the G products than others... It fit my needs. If you want a good Android experience, take a Nexus or a Pixel, but if you want something else, take another brand. I think, if Google can make the hardware more often on the Nexus/Pixel, t...

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nice joke bro

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I have found informative conversation here, thanks to all.

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