Google's Project Ara will have a store for its modular bits

23 October, 2014

Google's modular smartphone effort, codenamed Project Ara, seems to be chugging along nicely ahead of its expected release in 2015. Team leader Paul Eremenko said in an interview at Purdue University that there will be a special store for Ara components, complete with recommendations and reviews.

This will emulate the Google Play Store and its software sales, but for the modular hardware that will make up the Ara.

He also reiterated that the Ara MDK is free and open and available to everybody. So presumably anyone could create a module, just like theoretically anyone can make an Android app. If you do that, you then put it up for sale in the Play Store - while for Ara hardware modules you'll be able to do the same, using the upcoming Ara module marketplace. This will allow module makers to sell them directly to consumers, which is apparently what Google wants.

It will be interesting to see how many different modules will be dreamt up by developers, and how many the Ara module marketplace will stock when it launches. In the mobile software world, for a long time success was measured by how many apps were available for a platform. So if Project Ara wants to emulate that, then it should have a lot of modules listed in its store.

Project Ara was started at Motorola, but Google kept it when it sold the phone maker to Lenovo. The base price for the modular smartphone will be around $50.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

My suggestion on this one is greatly inspired by the game The Surge. how about having a Core base which can accomodate a certain number of mods or slots. the higher core it is, the more it can accomodate more mods. prices may vary on how many s...

  • AnonD-330840

Google spent a lot in this project. Teams of senior experts and pros in each tech specs, one must stop being impossibru fanboy. Its a new era and the only prob is if they plan to release a v2 that wud make v1 extinct (like on ancient "future pro...

  • Anonymous

The thing is manufacture won't destroy their profit model by supporting ARA.they also will not help google control more of the business. Even if some higher spec module gets released you won't get the same peromance will have to ...

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