introduces its very own Android phone - the gPhone

01 April, 2010

Update 02 April: Yes, it’s an April Fools’ Day prank and quite obvious one. We did it just to lower your guard for the second “Hakintosh” hit.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one for you. After more than a year of hard work and tough negotiations we are pleased to introduce our first very own mobile phone. Enter the full-touch Android-running gPhone!

The idea to come up with a phone of our own was born several months after the Android OS became a fact. Now that we've got most of the gPhone hardware and software clear we feel ready to share it with you.

We would like to thank our partners from Samsung who were kind enough to supply the gPhone 4" Super AMOLED touchscreen display of WVGA resolution and Qualcomm, who agreed to make our device the first to pack their brand new 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU.

The rest of the specs of the gPhone include Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS, 3G with HSDPA support and 512 MB of RAM.

The 8 megapixel backlit image sensor of the camera will allow better low-light performance than any mobile phone currently on the market and will be able to record 720p video at 30fps.

We were even looking into the possibility of enabling 1080p video recording, but there are still some limitations of the Android platform that we need to find a way around for this to happen. At any rate, the hardware should be perfectly capable of delivering that when our software department finds a workaround.

We are hoping the gPhone will be available in time for the holiday season in black and brown color versions. Both will have steel bodies and should cost about 400 euro (540 US dollars) before taxes or subsides. We are currently negotiating with several major European carriers about offering the gPhone through their networks and we'll keep you posted once the deals are done.

You can check out some live photos and a brief demo video of the gPhone in our review section.


Reader comments

One of the best gsmarena April pranks :)

  • AnonD-491

What if u get 1 million pre-orders... will u start manufacturing it GSMArena? It's not a bad business, after all ;-)

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