introduces its very own Android phone - the gPhone

01 April, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one for you. After more than a year of hard work and tough negotiations we are pleased to introduce our first very own mobile phone. Enter the Android-running gPhone...

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One of the best gsmarena April pranks :)

  • AnonD-491

What if u get 1 million pre-orders... will u start manufacturing it GSMArena? It's not a bad business, after all ;-)

  • Anonymous

too bad it's only april's fool.

but if you guys really planning to make gphone, please make it support video-call.
so far there are no android phones that support video-call...

  • Anonymous

The S8500 Wave almost matches your dream spec. Now if somebody could kindly root it and install Android.. Thanks!

  • MicioNero

GSMArena truly makes a good prank ... and a lot of people do truly took it seriously ...

This can be likened to that of the Georgian TV airing a FAKE REPORT last March 2010 with the headline "Russia Invades Georgia"

But the amazing thing about this prank of GSMArena is that this completely shows how majority of the viewers of GSMArena are not reading carefully the whole content of the informations given and merely just browse at the info and absorb what pleases the query in mind.

Nevertheless, this is a gentle reminder that let's not get into the hype so much and really be concious on the information we are getting.

Kudos to GSMArena ... wishing that someday, there would be a real gPhone to be released.

  • azer

geeks do have time for such jokes. :)) nice one gsmarena team!

  • U-2-B N* fan

I wish N*'s exec and designer read this one! Spec. that n-series customers need.

  • Anonymous

If u guys ever launch a phone would u launch it USA if yes would be a gsm or CDMA???? Lol

  • vincent

will the phone be avable on australia networks since i need coverage on where i live

  • gsmarena's reader

BTW, these are the most wanted specs i was looking for.

this is not just a joke, this is what i would pay my money for :))))))))

if any company would come up with its equvilent specs, i defenetely buy it right away, till then just enjoy reading the fool's day joke :)))))))))))

i want my phone have 8 meg camera, xenon, atleast 1 gh processor, 4 inch screen and very bright and coloroful, dont care for android system really.

  • Anonymous

lol at your link to the review section! =]

  • Destinationdarkness

what's wrong with you people? too much of dope? the phone is april's fool joke. it's a fake, yet 450 comments on this fake.

  • temp

if this phone has Xenon flash..epic.

just want to ask something..


why???? when time comes that u have your own you think your review wont be bias?? :D

  • kalaluki

i think this would be one of the above expected goodies of software and hardware feature compared to well know branded cellphones. would you gsmarena guys planning to ship on asian countries? philippines is must on your list? :-) hehe!

  • i8910 dude

make it record 1080p, camera light, good battery life, and a standard format for video recording, unlike my i8910 and any other samsung video products which don't play on anything at all even from one of thier products to another, and an exillent internet browser like full pc capability, then you've sold it to me what ever the cost i must get one

  • Anonymous

oshy, 03 Apr 2010im so buying this phone! Cant wait 4 it to come out! Anyone... moremy guess is 2012

  • oshy

im so buying this phone! Cant wait 4 it to come out! Anyone know a release date yet and any option of gold version?

  • Anonymous

I was told by an insider that this phone would be facing several months of delay due to the lack experience of the company maker to build their first phone ever.

  • Gamma Sharma

I really believe in this phone. I also believe in the Central Banking System which was established to safeguard against Recession. You guys had really made us a fool today.