turns 19, happy birthday to us!

GSMArena Team, 15 June 2019

What a beautiful day, letís all have some cake! We are turning 19 years old today and we are proud to share this moment with you.

In the past 12 months we managed to launch an official Instagram account and an official Android application, which is currently in Beta, but is rapidly heading towards a release.

In fact as an early present to you we finally brought Dark Mode to it - that was easily the most requested feature since the open Beta started. Just make sure you have the latest version, then just head to Settings.

Meanwhile we are happy to see that our YouTube channel has just surpassed 750,000 subscribers.

Hereís a special Thank You for all the fans that are with us throughout the years. After all, we are only here because of you, and this is as much your celebration as ours!


Reader comments

  • Dip's

Happy birthday to GSMArena

  • Avi FiBe

Happy Birthday! Been visiting your awesome site for more than 10 years!

  • Anjorin Emmanuel

Happy birthday to every member of the great GSMArena family! We just can't appreciate you enough for your labour of love, dedication to duty, sacrifices & professionalism. Thank you