Hackintoshing iPhone OS on HTC Hero, and we have it on video

01 April, 2010

Update 02 April: April Fools’ Day prank. Here is how it’s done. First we captured a video of a real iPhone - notice that the sequence shown on the video can be produced by pressing the Home button only. Then we cropped and resampled the video, so it can be played by HTC Hero smoothly (not as easily done as it sounds). And finally, it took us several tries to synchronize the hand movement to the video. Voila.

You've heard of hackintoshing - running Mac OS X on non-Apple rigs. Well, hold on to your hats folks, the good people over at XDA-Developers have just ported an iPhone OS ROM to run on an Android smartphone.

For now, the ROM is compatible with Old Faithful, or HTC Hero as it's more commonly known. The French developer behind this project is promising to bring the hackintoshed iPhone OS to other Android devices with HVGA screen and a compatible CPU.

The port is not fully optimized yet so you'll see there are some lags. Still, if you imagine the opportunities. The UI is a hit or miss affair for now, but there's obviously AppStore support.

iPhone OS ported to HTC Hero iPhone OS ported to HTC Hero iPhone OS ported to HTC Hero iPhone OS ported to HTC Hero
iPhone OS ported to HTC Hero

Here it goes, the HTC Hero running the iPhone OS 3.1.2:

We can't wait to see that run on some more powerful hardware.


Reader comments

This is fake, don't waste your time reading this

Good one :)

  • Johhny

It was a prank you walley , it was'nt real. In response to htc 4va

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