Hackintoshing iPhone OS on HTC Hero, and we have it on video

01 April, 2010
You've heard of hackintoshing - running Mac OS X on non-Apple rigs. Well, hold on to your hats folks, the good people over at XDA-Developers have just ported an iPhone OS ROM to run on an Android...

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This is fake, don't waste your time reading this

Good one :)

  • Johhny

It was a prank you walley , it was'nt real. In
response to htc 4va

  • Michael

I doubt that is a video being played in the HTC Hero instead of installing the iPhone OS in it.

  • :)

htc 4ever, 03 Apr 2010how 2 install it on a htc hero? please tell me.easy.. go buy an iPhone :r

  • Anonymous

you should have taken this off your site after it was no longer April fools day ...... this just got me smiling but then majorly dissapointed to see it was a prank!

  • josh

naaaah just flippin through screen caps...

  • htc 4ever

how 2 install it on a htc hero?
please tell me.

  • frenky

could someone tell me how to do it
u can mail it to me if u like

  • Nokia hater

Wow, this one had me fooled! But not the gPhone though. That one was obvious!

  • amor

yes HTC same resolution with iphone 320 X 480, only the screen size is smaller than iphone so it fit to HTC screen

  • Anonymous

too good to be true

  • ssd

HTC dual boot Windows 6.5 & android here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQUICjVhfAY

  • mikalco

April fools...love it!

  • Nokia hater

repent for your sins, 03 Apr 2010this is a fake..first of all the size of the screen in htc ... moreIt's real. OS compatibility has nothing to do with screen size, but screen resulotion.

  • dooom

can it work on nokia 5800 because its awsome..

  • repent for your sins

this is a fake..first of all the size of the screen in htc is much more smaller than iphone..second if its really a iphone os then they have at least showed opening a application to prove it but they only chose to show the ui,third watch the video and you will notice that he is not even touching the phone..i think its either a video, a wallpaper or just merely a theme..

  • Vanquish

hehe the special effects in your video clip are better than in swedish movies ;)

  • izamu

GSMarena... you are indeed a clever bunch.. your technique just gave me an idea hehehehehe

  • Anonymous

not so april's joke. i can do it on my n97 very simply