Hackintoshing iPhone OS on HTC Hero, and we have it on video

01 April, 2010
You've heard of hackintoshing - running Mac OS X on non-Apple rigs. Well, hold on to your hats folks, the good people over at XDA-Developers have just ported an iPhone OS ROM to run on an Android...

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  • Noman

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2010April fools!! I almost fell for it, but then I saw the date.You mean you fell for it, and then you saw the date. :P

  • Anonymous

hmm... the time doesn't change on the phone between the photos. Must be an April fool's then.

  • Shary from Pakgamers

Yeah, it looks fake.
He is not even touching the screen. It must be a GIF or a video file running on it, and the dude is just hovering the finger over the screen.

I fell for it, and made a topic on that site, but after watching it carefully, I found out the difference ;)

  • Pleasent

loooooooooooooooooooooooooool man its so fakeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

damn man at least touch the screen first :d

your not even touching the screen its way to fake

bad april fool joke ever

  • welovesymbian


  • theirwan

i don't think this hackintoshing thingy as an another april fool's joke . just ,look at the video . how can you fake that ? if it's an image , that will be another story . just my opinion . :D

  • J-Rival

I don't think this one is an 1 april joke. Well mostly they put a link or 1 april!!!.. somewhere. We'll see.

  • bummy

I'm pretty sure this is not an april fools day joke.... Thats already in the other post.

You do realize besides the joke, its business as usual right?

Either back on topic... why buy hero running Apple OS when u can just buy an iPhone? This confuses me.

  • wrathchild

iphone you are so going down

  • ryk

This one has more effort. But popularizing HTC Hero? Must be one of your favourites...

The give away is the absence of link to Xda-Developer. Because none exist ofcourse.

Happy day to all fools...

  • Anonymous

April fools!! I almost fell for it, but then I saw the date.

  • Anonymous

looks like an april fool joke. hope its true though

  • wm lover

ill be the first one to buy if iPhone can have windows mobile...

  • adameus

No no no ... its a fake !!!

  • iphone lover

wtf..this is ridiculous!! mother f..once the so-called HTC fan especially hero,criticize the iphone saying bad thing about iphone bla bla bla..they claim that this crap little hero is better than iphone n also android is better..in fact they r useless..but now they will have this iphone OS in Hero??phew..i cant take this dude!!

  • Mike

How do you get this??

  • xell

Maybe not one of you, but an April's Fool of them?

  • 1st post

oohhh lala got my fingers crossed