Hackintoshing iPhone OS on HTC Hero, and we have it on video

01 April, 2010
You've heard of hackintoshing - running Mac OS X on non-Apple rigs. Well, hold on to your hats folks, the good people over at XDA-Developers have just ported an iPhone OS ROM to run on an Android...

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  • Anonymous

I want this on my Milestone :P

  • yogesh

ya & i thought it was real!!
xda site is down for 2 daya now!!

  • kapten

i can take 60 picture in 1 minutes..... 1 picture every second

  • saad

hahah same here...

  • Thorgar

I don't think it's an april fools joke.
Technicaly it should be possible and in the post for their own gPhone they have a link to an april fools page, not in this post.

  • Anonymous

i fell for it then i saw the comment i was gonna sk if thhey can port it to i8910hd

  • Anonymous

saddique, 02 Apr 2010lolz, in all 4 pics time is 6:41 pm, ha ha ha good jock on... moreyea its april fools

but if it where real the guy could have taken all pics within one minute and the result would have been the same time in all

  • Anonymous

A+ Well played.

  • ahsn11

even if its a joke i want to believe it

  • saddique

lolz, in all 4 pics time is 6:41 pm, ha ha ha
good jock on 1 april :)

  • lala

ha ha ha

  • Raj

This would be funny if it was true the beef between these two would get even larger!

  • OK...

... if this is fake, then what the hell is up with the video?

  • Magic-user

well, it is quite cool actually, XDA should make it come true!

  • Jason

This one is real laaa.. Not april fool joke la

  • Anonymous

I believed it.. Though I know it's actually possible. I'd love to see Android ported onto a Nokia N900 or a successor device.

  • Anonymous

hahaha I was almost buying it

  • Anonymous

why would you ever put that foul thing on a beautiful android?

  • vicious_cid

april fools? is it?

  • Anonymous

i bet that, even in this ultimate hack, iphone os runs better on the htc