Haier N60

Haier N60

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  • mehdi

how can i connect my N60 to PC?
i have only cd sync tools (N60 series) then installed it.
and pluged in the cable ... but still SD Ram indicator in the screen dos'nt change.

thank your for your advice . .

  • Britney

i think it looksgreat but why doesnnt it have bluetooth as other customers said? i dont know what the phone is or does it looks like it flips but i dont know it doesnt tell about it. so how am i going to buy it and enjoy it if it doesnt come from at&t u can forget about me purchasin this phone.

sincerely, britney wilkinson

  • simon

this is proper crap,the camera is the size of a pack of rolos and 1.3mp it looks like it should be about 5mp and a featureless handset,why do theses people churn this junk out are there really people who buy this rubbish?

  • no need.

this phone looks great aesthetically wise. It even has touch screen huh. and to those who complains about no 3G, etc. dude, china dont even have 3G service yet, why would they produce 3G phones which will not sell. think about it.

  • Chinese delivery guy

China great ...
after all those years of reds...
we are going some where....
starts with copy....pretty much everything..
fake samsung,VW to Mercedes...now company called haier GREAT!

  • fako

nice, this phone runs on linux.. too bad it's crap. sorry haha

  • Anonymous

this N series copy cat fone is not good !! it only has 1.3 megapix with no 3G,blutooth , infrared etc.. this fone is a total crap !!!

  • Anonymous

where the heck should i find a batery with a card slot>>> !!!!plsss>.

  • justhh4me

cand somebody please help me out..tell me where's the card slot situated....it's posible that n60 have another version with no card slot available..plSSS ANSWER!!!email me..that's also my id mess

  • justhh4me

no card slot?i can't find the card slot..it is posible that i have a version of n60 with no card slot integrated..pls help me out

  • justhh4me

i have an haier n60.. and i have no clue.. where should i put the mmc on in ..have no clue where's card slot.. plss.. PLSS HELP ME..i'm disperate..and if could somebody could help me with an mp3 player program compatible with this phone..PLSSS>.PLSSS..emai me..or post here..PLSSSS PLSSSSS

  • Anonymous

no bluetooth????????

  • abbas

HI all
I found the haier mobiles wonderfull and great mobile. you can look at the new models of haier mobiles in the 2006 Catalogue.
anyhow, new models like A600,M600,A60,M800 and others are very good looking with incredible features.
if you want to find them you can contact with haier on their website.

  • Anis

And haier fell asleep since they made this cool phone, where are new ones?

  • Anonymous

well no. its is 1.3mp cant u read? and 8800 is even worse than this

  • djwadie

there is an mp3 player on it can't you read ???

  • Faisel

I don't know why they bother wasting their "PRECIOUS" time making mobiles without some sort of music player in them. I bet the camera is "FAR" worse than the 8800 as far as I'm concerned. If these chinese people are going to make fones, then they should make them worth using. When I had my frist fone, the 3210, I thought that Nokia was a japanese company, I couldn't believe that it was a Finnish company later in 2002!

  • Alex

The phone has MP3 player, read the ringtone stuff.
And it has linux, which it automatically means that is also has mp3 player.

  • meridith

its got really impressive looks however any phone without mp3 is almost half useless.so think twice people.

  • wcc5505

nice.. but its a china brand... i sow some of Haier n all also copy other brands phone.....