Haier N60

Haier N60

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  • Dennis

Bluetooth for the love of God!!!

  • abbas

I saw this phone in canton fair in china.
real great phone with 4 mpixel camera ;rotate flip; PDA ; 3 hour video recorder , wow it is my next buy after my nokia 6630

  • Vahedi

We sell this phone at 475 US$.

  • Homer

Phone just fine but
Sucks!!! like other PDA phone with keypads, no BT no infra! how can you transfer data to ohters!!!?

  • Aleric

I just got one from my friend. pretty good!!Its OS is Linux. I can manage her as mini DC,DV.... In a word, magnificent!!

  • hemanrulez

You can use SDIO cards to get Bluetooth or just about anything. I want more info on this phone. Wouldnt mind buying it!

  • bfsh

which processor did it use?

and what's version of Linux ?

  • gogi

wow. i wanna have this phone too. anyone knows when it will be available???

  • ShAnI

No Bluetooth
No Edge
No Infra
weight is too much. I don't like this one.

  • Szadzik

Yeah, this is it. As it is tri-band 900/1800/1900, I suppose it will be mainly launched in Europe. I hope I can find it for a decent price. That's my next buy.

  • zak_ben

the perfect phone?
all i have to say is: