Hammer time: Oukitel K4000 meets nails, lives to tell the tale

Peter, 17 September, 2015

Hammering nails with a smartphone – the less popular "Will it blend?", perhaps because few phones can actually make through it. The Oukitel K4000, a phone with a 4,000mAh battery and apparently a rock-hard forehead, drove several nails – some of them really thick! – into a piece of wood.

All with no visible damage to the phone too, the touchscreen keeps working after colliding face first with all the nails. The screen isn’t covered in anything outlandish, it uses Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Still, it can take on the second half of the hammer-and-nail pair – the hammer!

Oukitel also says the K400 can crack 600 walnuts, no problem. Not that you should try that, but you don't need to be gentle with the handset either.

PS. the Oukitel isn’t the first phone to hammer in nails – here's the 6.65mm thick Oppo Finder doing it, we've also seen HTCs and (naturally) Nokias do it too.



Reader comments

  • Nemo

Many times dropped with no problem. One drop from 2 meters height to concrete floor - just little distortion of metal frame. Then one drop from pocket when i was crossing road (running) and glass broke. But glass is not glued to the display, so the r...

  • Bohimn

complete garbage dropped it the screen cracked and the display is turning itself on and off randomly now. and the 4k battery needs everyday charging a joke phone overall

  • your talking crap

i dropped my phone and there is now a huge crack in the corner

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