Hands-on with Reply, Google’s new smart reply app

Ricky, 20 February 2018

Last week, we reported about one of Google’s newest products being tested at Area 120. The app is called “Reply” and allows Google’s predictive reply algorithm to work with non-Google messaging apps like Whatsapp, Twitter DMs, or Facebook Messenger.

Today, the app has leaked onto APK Mirror where anyone can download and set it up, all you need is to set it up with a Google Account. We’ve set it up on our Google Pixel 2 XL and have gone through the setup so you take a look at what the app offers.

In order for the app to work, it needs permission to see your notifications. Also, for best results, you’ll want to enable location so the app can detect how far you are from work or home for quick replies pertaining to someone asking of your whereabouts or how late you’ll be to work. It can also do vacation replies based on your calendar.

Location can also be used to detect when you’re driving or riding a bike to automatically reply for you that you’re busy and will take a moment before replying. There are more options like ‘on a train’, ‘walking’, ‘sleeping’, and ‘during a meeting’. Actually, the app is not able to know when you’re asleep, but Google included it in there as a way to see how many people select the option, showing interest.

In the event that the app detects you are driving, or riding bike. It will automatically place your device on Do Not Disturb and will send an automatic reply. This reply will start with a robot emoji so the recipient will know it was an automated message.

Currently, the Reply app will work with Android Messages (SMS), Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter DMs, and WhatsApp. You can sideload the app from APKMirror if you’re feeling up for it.

Via | Reply on APKMirror


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Base on Motorola assist motorola X 2013

I know it makes you uncomfortable, but really, what do you think the average person has to offer in terms of conversations that can possibly be compromised by voice or message data?

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