Heart 401AB is an oddly-shaped, Japan-only feature phone

20 January, 2015

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Infobar A03, we encountered yet another Japan-only mobile phone with odd design. Meet the Heart 401AB - a feature phone whose shape matches the name it sports.

As impossible as it might sound these days, the handset you see above can only handle phone calls - there’s no SMS functionality or internet connectivity on board. Heart 401AB will be available in March on the Japanese carrier Ymobile. The latter utilizes PHS network, which is mostly for voice calls.

The specs of the phone are headed by a 128×36 dot display, phonebook with 100 entries, and support for hands-free handset. Heart 401AB will ship with heart-shaped charger that’s as gaudy as the phone itself. In case you still find the device a tad too subtle, a Sailor Moon edition will offer even more visual flare.

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Reader comments

  • AdamBoy64

Never heard of a pager that does SMS. That's a neat idea though.

  • epic commenter

sorry for late replying but if you remmeber the illustionist it has the same desing

  • Changiz

no sms & no internet uniq nice design but with out internet , i say , it will lose 30% of its customers and with no sms , it definetly will lose 40% of its customers atleast here we go , a mobile with a very very uniq & nice desig...

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