Realme reveals deals ahead of Big Billion Day on Flipkart

Yordan, 26 September 2019

The online retailer Flipkart is having a Big Billion Day sale on its website, and Realme is joining the fun with its own "Festive Days." The maker announced discounts worth 300 crores, which is INR 3 billion (that is over $40 million), for plenty of phones from its whole range - from affordable Realme C2 to Realme 5 Pro.

Here are all the Realme deals for Big Billion Day on Flipkart

The festival sale begins on September 30 from 12:00 AM, and Realme says it will offer the lowest prices for some smartphones like Realme C2, Realme 3, Realme 3 Pro, Realme 5, and Realme 5 Pro.

There are also plenty of instant 10% discounts when buying with a specific credit card and even a cashback offer of INR500 for one variant of the Realme C2.

Here’s the full list of discounts. For additional bank offers, head to Flipkart or Realme’s website. Bear in mind that the Realme U1 is sold only at the company’s store - you won’t find it with the retailer:

Phone Discount New Price INR / USD
Realme C2 2/32 GB 1,000 5,999 / $84
Realme C2 3/32 GB 1,000 6,999 / $100
Realme 2 Pro 1,991 8,999 / $126
Realme 5 3/32 GB 1,000 8,999 / $126
Realme 5 4/64 GB 1,000 9,999 / $140
Realme 5 Pro 1,000 (only on pre-paid booking) 13,999 / $197
Realme 3 500 8,499 / $120
Realme 3 Pro 1,000 11,999 / $170
Realme U1 1,000 7,999 / $112


Reader comments

Realme is very uncertain.... Everymonth announce new phone and make last phone irrelevant.......

Many chinese companies have manufacturing factories (at least assembly) in India to reduce the cost. Low manufacturing cost in India also encourage to manufacture product inside India. In Europe manufacturing cost is high due to high labour cost and ...

India also have 10% taxes,and believe me that is not a problem. They want to earn more cash in Europe,and prices of smartphones are highest on old continent...

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