Here are some of the Galaxy S23 series official accessories

Ivan, 30 November 2022

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will come with a big selection of official accessories when it launches in February. Now, thanks to Roland Quandt we have a good idea what those will be and what colors they'll be available in.

Starting with the most valuable information, which is the S Pen colors, which by and large confirm the color options of the Galaxy S23 Ultra itself. Those are Black, Green, Rose (Light Pink), and Beige, the new color. There's no mention of Burgundy, Red, Blue, Graphite, or White, but they could still be launched later on.

The Galaxy S23/S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra will get a Leather cover, Silicone cover (with and without strap), Frame cover, Clear View case, and a Transparent cover Ultrafine. Quandt notes the list isn't necessarily complete.


Reader comments

I used Note 9 a bit, QHD and all, didn't feel much or any sharper then my 12x with 1080p screen. QHD is good on large phones, but on small ones like S22 it's basically useless for majority of people, that's why you don't see ...

I did, difference is small to non existent at medium sized phones, and none existent on small ones, only large 6.5 inch+ phones benifit from it

My brother in Christ I have used Note 9 and even there diffrance between 1080p and 1440p is minimal, anything below 6.2 inches and most people won't see. S23+ needs 1440p yes, but normal S23 is 6.1 inches, if they can cut costs there and pu...

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