Here are the new 2018 additions to Google's Android Excellence app list

Victor, 12 January 2018

Truth be told, we rarely find ourselves just aimlessly browsing for new apps, without any particular usage in mind. Still, it doesn't hurt to get some recommendations from time to time, especially when they come straight from Google.

The online titan recently updated its "Android Excellence" list with some 2018 entries. That is to say, not necessarily 2018, newly published apps, but rather, apps that in their current form represent what the company considers "the best experiences and top performing apps and games on the Play Store".

While most users will likely enjoy browsing through the games list a bit more, any developers out there should probably start digging around the UX and functionality found throughout all the distinguished apps.

New Android Excellence apps New Android Excellence games
1tap Agent A
Acorns Bit Heroes
Airbnb Bloons Supermonkey 2
Blink Health Dancing Line
Blinkist DEAD WARFARE: Zombie
Clue Dragon Project
Ditty Fire Emblem Heroes
EyeEm Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow
Fabulous Idle Heroes
IFTTT Last Day on Earth: Survival
iReader Lords Mobile
Journey Lumino City
KKBOX Modern Combat Versus
LinkedIn Old Man's Journey
Mobills: Budget Planner The Walking Dead No Man's Land
Musixmatch War Wings
Video Editor

And if curated lists are right up your alley but these don't exactly scratch your itch, Google has a few other published. All of them can be found here.



Reader comments

  • opt
  • 13 Jan 2018
  • P@Y

nah.. garbage apps and games. what are your criteria upon selecting this craps? is it the numbers of installed apps and games? nah its really also important to count how many installed apps got uninstalled after used it once or twice ..

New apps, with LinkedIn? Isn't LinkedIn many years old? Like, msn old?

Its 2018 and we still cant filter search for apps and games by any basic way, nor rating nor latest update not even by type(paid/ad/ad free). So yeah, browsing app in Play store is heII and no wonder than no one really browse it. Only way to r...

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