Here are the new 2018 additions to Google's Android Excellence app list

12 January 2018
The applications span from productivity tools and utilities all the way to games, all of which now garnished with a Google seal of approval.

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  • 13 Jan 2018

nah.. garbage apps and games. what are your criteria upon selecting this craps? is it the numbers of installed apps and games? nah its really also important to count how many installed apps got uninstalled after used it once or twice ..

    New apps, with LinkedIn? Isn't LinkedIn many years old? Like, msn old?

      Its 2018 and we still cant filter search for apps and games by any basic way, nor rating nor latest update not even by type(paid/ad/ad free).

      So yeah, browsing app in Play store is heII and no wonder than no one really browse it.
      Only way to really get user base is to pay for advertising or use other sites and forums to get them.