Here's Outlook's new dark mode for Android and iOS

Ivan, 17 July 2019

Outlook's dark mode for Android is coming along nicely, as seen in the image below. According to Windows Central the iOS version will look roughly the same when it comes out.

Microsoft has been working to bring smartphones up to speed as both Outlook for Windows 10, Outlook on the web, the Windows 10 Mail client and Office have had a dark theme for some time.

Here's Outlook's new Dark Mode for Android and iOS

It's not clear when Microsoft will update Outlook for Android and iOS with dark mode but given the screenshots it will likely be soon.

Speaking of updates, in its latest release Outlook for iOS supports Category colors in the calendar. Users will need to set category colors in their Office 365 account for them to show up in the iOS app.

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Reader comments

  • wgarbo

MS development team: just buy aCalendar+, it's highly customizable. Gorgeous.

  • Jay

Yes to dark mode, YES!!!

Last time I tried android app it asked for some special permission. Some kind of admin privilege for remote access to my phone in order to protect (wipe) email data in case if phone lost/stolen.

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