Here's Outlook's new dark mode for Android and iOS

17 July 2019
Outlook is doing the dark mode thing.

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  • wgarbo

MS development team: just buy aCalendar+, it's highly customizable. Gorgeous.

  • Jay

Yes to dark mode, YES!!!

Anna, 17 Jul 2019Although, corporate and business users use Outlook on their... moreLast time I tried android app it asked for some special permission. Some kind of admin privilege for remote access to my phone in order to protect (wipe) email data in case if phone lost/stolen.

  • Anonymous

Using outlook on Android for almost 3 years.
I'll love to see it in dark mode.

  • Anna

Although, corporate and business users use Outlook on their office laptops and desktops, do anybody really use Outlook on their personal mobile phones? Almost all social media apps on mobile phones have option of dark/night mode available for a long time now. Dark mode on Whatsapp was first spotted on beta version in March 2019 and Facebook is still working on it for last 4 months. Not sure, when they will finally roll out the most anticipated feature on their app.

Google, hurry up.

outlook is the worst to search for keywords in your emails

Outlook for windows is plain trash! Hate it!