HMD announces Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G

Michail, 30 April 2024

Following its newly launched Pulse series smartphones, HMD has now launched a trio of new 4G feature phones with the Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G, and 235 4G. The three devices share similar specs including the Unisoc T107 chipset and S30+ operating system.

Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G
Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G

Nokia 215 4G and 235 4G feature 2.8-inch IPS LCDs with QVGA resolution while the 225 4G gets a slightly smaller 2.4-inch LCD. 215 4G does not get a camera, 225 4G gets a VGA camera on the back while 235 4G features a 2MP main cam. The rest of the spec sheets include removable 1,450 mAh batteries, FM Radio, Bluetooth 5.0, and Snake. Devices sold in Africa, India, the Middle East, and select countries in APAC will get downloadable Cloud Apps.

HMD announced Nokia 215 4G, 225 4G and 235 4G

Nokia 215 4G comes in black, dark blue, and peach colors. Pricing is expected to start at €59. Nokia 225 4G is available in pink and dark blue with a suggested retail price of €69. Nokia 235 4G comes in black, blue, and purple colors and will cost the equivalent of €79.

Nokia 215 4GNokia 225 4GNokia 235 4G


Reader comments

In my country camera phones aren't allowed in wedding parties. So, the 215 is really fit for such occasions with not only 4G but also VoLTE voice and data connection. Which is - with no pride - is the trend telecommunication these days. This pho...

  • CongeeEnjoyer
  • 24 May 2024
  • tZj

What's their angle here? You'd think they'll incentivize you to buy their product after the shakeups but they're making it hard to want. Sure, it's easy to repair the new HMD phones but technically all phones do. Also with...

  • Anonymous
  • 04 May 2024
  • Qrk

It don't have Line and WeChat as well

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