HMD is hiring a team to expand presence of Nokia phones in the US

Peter, 26 July 2018

HMD’s Nokia phones have a limited presence in the US – a few mid-range to entry-level phones – but LinkedIn postings reveal that the company wants to hire a new team to help it grow.

It needs an e-commerce lead to deal with HMD’s online distribution partners like Amazon and Best Buy. It needs a product lead, too, to talk to carriers and decide on a roadmap, anticipating trends in the market. And it needs a technical account manager to handle customer requirements (both consumers and operators).

HMD's job postings on LinkedIn HMD's job postings on LinkedIn HMD's job postings on LinkedIn
HMD's job postings on LinkedIn

The US market can be a tough nut to crack for phone companies and carriers have more influence than in most other countries. HMD has done a fine job of regrowing the Nokia brand around the world, but it's yet to make a huge impact in a carrier-driven market such as the US.

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Reader comments

  • khunter

Would love to have another Nokia. My last two were great. Too bad MS got involved.

  • Airy

Joke pf the yaer LOL :-D

DON'T BOTHER WITH THE USA, HMD.... Ignore America, concentrate on the rest of the world for at least the next 5-7 years.. Remember what they did to many of you when Nokia mk1 was a thing,, but it probably wont be Ms second time round !!!

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