HMD official teases Nokia 8 Oreo update

Yordan, 18 September 2017

Just over a month after the Nokia 8 arrival an OS update was teased by the HMD CPO. Juho Sarvikas confirmed earlier that all Android-powered Nokia phones would get the Oreo upgrade, now he teased an actual photo of the phone running 8.0 version of the OS.

The images reveal that Android Oreo is still in beta and the size of the update is 1.3 GB. The update will be pushed to all devices “when perfect”, meaning it is not yet ready for the public.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

So true! Hopefully HMD can keep up! We need afforable Nexus devices! Aka mobile devices that don`t cost your arm and leg and get good software updates...

Just be aware that time lapse doesn't work correctly on it. And I really hope oreo will bring pro features for the camera.

  • Anonymous

if you want others to respect your opinion then respect their opinion as well, not just yours, you earn respect, you don't demand it

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