HMD trademarks "Asha", Nokia's former feature phone line

Peter, 11 January 2018

HMD just trademarked “Asha” with the EU Intellectual Property Office. Nokia Asha phones, for those who don’t remember them, were a lineup of feature phones that often featured a touchscreen and a focus on online services – Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Asha phones offered smartphone-like functionality at a time when actual smartphones were too pricey. That made them a key element of Nokia’s “next billion” plan. We don’t think that HMD will go the feature phone route, however. For one, the new application specifically mentions that “Asha” can be used for smartphones.

HMD trademarks

Also Google and Micromax are even planning a $32 Android Go phone, so price is no longer an argument. HMD itself might be working on an Android Go phone, the Nokia 1. So the new Nokia Asha lineup may be home to low-cost Android Go handsets with a dose of nostalgia.

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Reader comments

  • youngawan

i need Asha 501 with KaiOS. and if Nokia want to stand up. bring the old model phone, like E63/E71 with qwerty keyboard, give asha 501 with 1 inch bigger screen. more ram, and 4g support

I agree most of it, that why Microsoft withdraw them self from their W10M, I believe they wanted to reenter the market with more desktop like OS(Andromeda) to solved their apps problem. Yes, we really need a third mobile OS for budget/semi smart...

  • t

unfortunately none of this is going to happen. the chicken and egg problem cant be solved. And Os fill fail without apps, and developers dont want to write apps for an OS which has no users. So a new OS, no matter how good will always fail. to...

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