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  • 7X4
  • 11 Jun 2024

Not removable battery? DoA!

    Very good budget phone

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      • cat
      • Kx4
      • 10 Jun 2024

      its awesome phone

        You'll never meet anyone with this phone. It's not terrible though but it'll fly under the radar.

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          • Mothfuck
          • CbC
          • 10 Jun 2024

          May hmd will bring good vibe, with their own brand name

            Flagsheep, 10 Jun 2024It is decent. They should release upper-mid range for bette... moreThere is a HMD phone codenamed Skyline that will be their most expensive phone for now

              It is decent. They should release upper-mid range for better competition, also... availability...

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                • Mothfuck
                • CbD
                • 10 Jun 2024

                Helio g91 ultra with 6 gb, & ram emmc5.1 storage, these are called specs, not snapdragon 888 or 8 gen series, speed is not good for mobile # mothfuck
                Speed is only good with bikes and cars not mobile

                  this phone does indeed NOT pass the "vibe".

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                    • Asif
                    • 6Q3
                    • 09 Jun 2024

                    HmdGlobal, 09 Jun 2024A strong action must be taken against this e-waste producer... more100% agreed

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                      • Mothfuck
                      • Dkd
                      • 09 Jun 2024

                      Launch in india, i will buy, i am currently using oppo a16k 3 gb 32 gb, in which only 5 gb remaining, #mothfuck

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                        • HmdGlobal
                        • fCC
                        • 09 Jun 2024

                        A strong action must be taken against this e-waste producer HMD Global. I wish any environmental activist NGO takes some action against this garbage creator HMD.

                          BitPlus, 24 Apr 20244000 mah? 10w charging? 13mp? Cmon man, it's not 2020It's 2018 come on

                            HD+ and 10w in a 140 euro phone, wow...

                            You're kidding, aren't you?

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                              • BlahBlah
                              • Lec
                              • 08 Jun 2024

                              Minu, 08 Jun 2024You really need to analyse my comments well before thinking... moreYou are right. I didn't use a HMD Nokia because there was always something missing or they came too late or didn't came at all. Nokia 7+ was really good but you couldn't buy it. It was semi-available.

                              For example your beloved Nokia 8. Sure it's a good device with almost clean sowftware, but it wasn't the best buy in its era. It came with older gen chipset and camera results were far from what i used to have with Nokia Lumia. Then again Nokia 6.1 was a good midranger, but also quite expensive with its sturdy metal design but with lackluster camera results even with the Zeiss branding. I know because i have tried that phone.

                              I had high hopes for Nokia 9, but after that fiasco i never even thought about Nokia again. At least not for purchase. Because that's not Nokia i was buying all these years and even use them with Maemo on N900 tablet. Me and my friend were really a Nokia fanatics and i miss those times...

                              About common sense... Look... I'm not here to have an argue with you, just saying i am a bit jelous of you and Carol that you still have a lot of love for this brand.

                              I gave my reasons why Nokia after Windows mobile collapsed and their reborn brand entering phone market under the HMD umbrella was not ideal for me. I really really wanted to give em a chance.

                              It's okay if we don't agree. We don't have to. I was using jokes to illustrate my point, but seems you find my jokes offensive when you tried to use "common sense" on me.

                              Nokia 8 and Galaxy J3 are not comparable in any way. Samsung had S, A, J and Note line. J was for the entry level.
                              Nokia had series 3, 5, 6, 7(+) and 8 in time when you bouth Nokia 8 and it was representing a flagship from Nokia.

                              I have a feeling you are like one of my friends who never had a flagship or almost flagship phone until he got an Xperia XZ2 and now he"s very vocal about "deffending" Sony as a phone brand. In reallity he knows he doesn't have enough of money to buy a new one. I mean, he could, but he only wants to buy an Xperia.
                              Of course i'm not telling you you are like that guy, i'm just saying it really reminds me when i see fans desperatley trying to deffend their choice, but here's the thing. You don't have to.

                              Once again... I was an Hard Core OG Nokia fan.
                              This is just my opinion.
                              Thanks for reading.
                              Have a great day!

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                                • Minu
                                • ter
                                • 08 Jun 2024

                                DarlingYext, 07 Jun 2024Another waste that will just destroy our planet when thrown... moreI see no "Vibe" in any generic-looking phone.

                                  • M
                                  • Minu
                                  • ter
                                  • 08 Jun 2024

                                  BlahBlah, 07 Jun 2024I think so too! HMD Global and HMD Nokia made the best ... moreYou really need to analyse my comments well before thinking I support HMD for each and every action.

                                  First of all, my personal phone (Nokia 8) was never a burden, and so are the phones I had bought for my relatives who can't afford a decent phone as much as I can. None of them have failed, unlike the bunch of Samsung phones I was handed down by my colleagues when I couldn't afford a replacement to my beloved Galaxy J3 with its plethora of hardware issues.

                                  In case you haven't noticed, I've criticized the starting prices of X series phones in their respective articles. You may refer to them. If GSMArena moderation has taken them down, the blame is on their moderation. But you can't deny how well the X30 is built in comparison to phones twice or higher than its price point with acrylic backs and "metal-looking" frames. Especially every flagship today that don't feel premium as what the price tag suggests.

                                  Also, HMD isn't far off from what Nokia would do today with the scarce amounts of resources available. I don't necessarily support the main company itself, because the team's response to the slab revolution in the smartphone industry didn't execute well. Hadn't it been ruined by Microsoft with supply chain issues, HMD would've had a much better starting point, as most people measure a brand's potential by the surface.

                                  I'm completely sure you haven't used a single phone from HMD, hence why I find your comment quite tone-deaf.

                                  Always make sure to read comments of those users and have an idea before giving your comment. The posting rules here specifically mentions "use common sense". While not everyone can be perfect here in terms of technical knowledge, let's make each and every moment here to learn and thrive.

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                                    • Nickyname
                                    • p41
                                    • 07 Jun 2024

                                    BlahBlah, 07 Jun 2024I think so too! HMD Global and HMD Nokia made the best ... moreMy Motorola died so I'm using my old Nokia 7+ as a substitute. It was a well performing phone. But most of all I find it beautiful.

                                      Carol, 07 May 2024800 cycles rating is actually very good, and no known brand... more"..800 cycles rating is actually very good, and no known brand has rated their battery so high.."

                                      No known brand has rated their slow charging small battery so low. Fixed it for ya.

                                        Another waste that will just destroy our planet when thrown out after about 1 year.

                                        HMD Vibe? More like Vibe Destroyer.