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  • ayirhs
  • 7k4
  • 26 Aug 2022

Bought this phone in May 2018. I actually dropped this within a month but the phone was fine. Now its been 4+ years and still the performance is awesome. No lag. Started facing slow charge issue but absolutely nothing apart from that. Its lightweight which is perfect for prolonged usage. I'd buy it again if I had to today

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    • Anonymous
    • vaS
    • 08 Aug 2022

    Been using mine as a backup phone for a year now. It has gotten slow, perhaps partly because I only have about 1gb free of the 128gb storage lol. Upgraded to another relatively small phone last year, the Zenfone 8.

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      • Anonymous
      • KZ8
      • 18 Jul 2022

      I got my honor 10 a week after it launched. For me after 4 years performs quite well but not the greatest. But it feel so freaking slow compared to my daily driver Pixel 6. Hahaha

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        • Anonymous
        • nt0
        • 15 Jul 2022

        I've had it for 4 years now, it hasn't slowed down at all. At least I haven't noticed anything. Literally no complaints from me. But I have no idea why you would want to buy this in 2022, because surely there are even better options available nowadays.

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          • Anonymous
          • 7R{
          • 15 Jul 2022

          Anonymous, 12 Jul 2022I had this phone for 4 years and still kicks a** like if I ... moreso cool

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            • Anonymous
            • pLY
            • 12 Jul 2022

            I had this phone for 4 years and still kicks a** like if I got it yesterday!

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              • Pera
              • nDh
              • 06 Jul 2022

              Anonymous, 16 May 2022me too :(Did you ever get the phone to turn on? If not, how did you get your files and contacts from the phone?

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                • Anonymous
                • 0En
                • 16 May 2022

                dreykiyo, 11 Apr 2022phone is nice, but mine just went off...and never on again.me too :(

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                  • dreykiyo
                  • Me$
                  • 11 Apr 2022

                  phone is nice, but mine just went off...and never on again.

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                    • Kirtla
                    • Av$
                    • 01 Apr 2022

                    Can I use Harmony os on my Honor 10?
                    I am no longer a fun of android but still I am so in love with the phone Honor 10.
                    Anyone with a way please

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                      • soldier
                      • JYc
                      • 27 Mar 2022

                      Aadi, 20 Jan 2022Using since December 2018,still running good.. EMUI is the ... moreAffirmative ! I also used Honor 10 since September 2018. It is running properly. Of course battery capacity is not the same as on the beginning. I`m thinking about Honor Magic 4, but in my opinion it is simply too expensive.

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                        • Abdullaweew
                        • Nue
                        • 24 Feb 2022

                        Nickname, 14 Jan 2022How about the andriod 10 did you update Yes

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                          • henri
                          • PEA
                          • 09 Feb 2022

                          I have a problem with my phone honor 10, during a call (outgoing or incoming calls), the mic on the bottom can't work, if i change to loudspeaker, the mic on the bottom works, this problem only occurs during calls. I tested with the decoder app it works fine.
                          I think that's software problem. I have tried recovery phone but it still doesn't work.
                          Does anyone have the same problem? any solution?

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                            • Aadi
                            • sUv
                            • 20 Jan 2022

                            Using since December 2018,still running good.. EMUI is the best software.. Still capable of running all tasks.. Everything working fine even after 3 years

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                              • Nickname
                              • vaQ
                              • 14 Jan 2022

                              Anonymous, 06 Jan 2022Awesome phone. Been using mine since june 2018 and it still... moreHow about the andriod 10 did you update

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                                • Anonymous
                                • nJx
                                • 06 Jan 2022

                                Awesome phone. Been using mine since june 2018 and it still works perfectly. Such a good purchase. I have every intention to run this phone into the ground, 3 1/2 years later and it shows no sign of stopping. You really get a bargain with this phone compared to much more expensive brands like apple or samsung.

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                                  • Shid
                                  • MA8
                                  • 12 Dec 2021

                                  Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021Must have it 6 months + an awful phone. You numpty

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • TSx
                                    • 09 Dec 2021

                                    Crap phone

                                      i am a heavy user, using it from 5th june 2018, and till today super in performance.
                                      purchased OP8 about 8 months but i loved the EMUI and the super cool size of the phone so shifted back to it. small size but powerful specs, my work is related to graphic design field so it is capable of opening huge jpeg and pdfs effortlessly, more over the LCD produce real life like colors for digital media to get printed on various substrates which AMOLED can not do.
                                      never lagged or hanged in these years even on more than 10 task at a time, and always with all 128gb full. EMUI + KIRIN970 DOES THE JOB.
                                      both the cameras are best even after this much time. i shattered my phone thrice in all these years, but get replaced at care center at very low prices, best part is whenever you change the display body rim and battery gets replaced in the same cost from honor. thus the phone become like new only the motherboard and back panel remains old.
                                      love Honor Service India.
                                      hope they remain the same, fingers crossed.
                                      overall great experience.
                                      great mobile, i am still loving it

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                                        • jfs
                                        • tx4
                                        • 03 Dec 2021

                                        Change my mainboard in the service center.
                                        And so far the retstart problem is solved