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  • ultraman86

overall is good with this phone. smooth and nice to use.
small size suitable for girl

  • Eikka

It was only 2 years and then this was over. No network, no phonecalls. Everything looks fine and all stuff is still In memory, but it's not A cellular Phone.

TheMechanicLT, 08 Nov 2020Good phone overall. it runs good allmost 2 years with some ... more👍

  • TheMechanicLT

reexyyl, 31 Aug 2020Hi, I'm still on emui 9.0, cause I had read that 9.1 ... morePictures with EMUI 10.0.0 is still bad.

  • TheMechanicLT

Good phone overall. it runs good allmost 2 years with some minor problems.
"GSM Arena" you need to update info, because my Honor 10 have Android 10 and EMUI 10.0.0. :) All updates came automatically :)

  • jayakrishnan


  • mj

shen99, 04 Sep 2020is anyone having troubles with the battery draining fast, i... moreTry to disable to background apps that can drain your battery faster

  • PapaSle

I have this phone for like 1 year and half....
+Perfect size of phone
+Very good performance, never had issue with lag or smth
+solid battery
-in my opinion camera is mediocre
-after year battery started to drain rapidly, is it after some update, or battery flaw, i dont know
-Sometimes it lights the screen, although i dont have any call, msg or notification
-Sometimes, in Viber and wapp msgs are delivering to me only when i enter the app... People are saying that is because of the apps, not the phone, but how than my fridends with premium phones dont have same issue.

  • disappointed

Have had this phone for two years and it now turns itself off and on, off and on at the most inconvenient moments. Eventually, it just dies and needs recharging. This is really messed up. Imagine, you are expecting a really imortatnt call, it comes through, you say 'hello' and the phone switches itself off and then on and then off, you get the picture...

  • shen99

is anyone having troubles with the battery draining fast, i had the phone for a little over 1 yr now and i just started to realise the battery percentage is dropping quick

I just upgraded to Android 10 / EMUI 10 today, wow. Dem software support is awesome even after 2+ yrs after I bought it. AWESOME.

The wireless desktop mode I want to use on flagships this days are now in my 2yr old phone. :D.

But then its quite unuseable in wireless mode due to input lags. Anyone knows if this new update will work it via wire?, or is it just for wireless use?.

  • reexyyl

I'm still on emui 9.0, cause I had read that 9.1 had introduced too much post processing on pictures.
Does anyone know if pictures on emui 10 has a more natural rendering that 9.1?

  • Anonymous

ZZ, 10 Jul 2020Anyone else having software sided ghost touch issue? Been h... moreI have the same issue. It come ang goes.

  • Anonymous

Love the size of this cellphone, affordable price and nice specs...Android 10 updated

  • jengut

yes , it is still worth buying .. i love how the camera and chipset work.. thank you honor

  • Anonymous

Ro86, 23 Aug 2020Is this phone still worth to buy now for a cheap price? C... moreDepends on how cheap. Over here it's 300 euro which you can use far bettee mid rangers from 2020

Is this phone still worth to buy now for a cheap price?
Camera, proccesor is important to me.

  • Jon

Neo, 23 Feb 2020Battery life not good. i bought it for 6 months and the spe... moreSame here :DD

  • Raj

I don't have 3d creator mode in my camera app.,
How can I install it
In video mode also I didn't find EIS option

How would I change IMEI of this phone rather, anyone knows?, the default secret codes i see on the web are not working. I am planning to change my IMEI to my modems IMEI so that I could use my broadband sim in the phone, haix.