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  • Anonymous

Love the size of this cellphone, affordable price and nice specs...Android 10 updated

  • jengut

yes , it is still worth buying .. i love how the camera and chipset work.. thank you honor

  • Anonymous

Ro86, 23 Aug 2020Is this phone still worth to buy now for a cheap price? C... moreDepends on how cheap. Over here it's 300 euro which you can use far bettee mid rangers from 2020

Is this phone still worth to buy now for a cheap price?
Camera, proccesor is important to me.

  • Jon

Neo, 23 Feb 2020Battery life not good. i bought it for 6 months and the spe... moreSame here :DD

  • Raj

I don't have 3d creator mode in my camera app.,
How can I install it
In video mode also I didn't find EIS option

How would I change IMEI of this phone rather, anyone knows?, the default secret codes i see on the web are not working. I am planning to change my IMEI to my modems IMEI so that I could use my broadband sim in the phone, haix.

Anyone here knows how to enter into engineering mode in the phone?.

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020Once u put it on Performance Mode, it stays like that until... moreI see, I'll be keeping mine turned on to Performance mode indefinitely then. Afterall, the phone still charge fast to full in about an hour. Great thing too as I can play Asphalt 9 w/o lag again. Cuz before toggling the performance mode on, I am very annoyed in playing it as i'd noticed lags and occasional frame drops, now, its like as if when I first bought, it. :D

  • Anon

Really really good phone. Very good value for money and one of the rare modern phones that are not extremely huge (6.2+ inch). Android 10 update works smooth, a few bugs here and there but nothing that really breaks your experience. The only thing sub-par in this phone is the video making quality, for some reason the videos always turn out blurry. Photos are amazing however, if you're not someone who records videos regularly, this is not a deal-breaker. Lucky I got this phone in 2018 - nowadays, you get much inferior phones for the same price.

  • Anonymous

iam.joshua.bcxvii, 31 Jul 2020Oh I see, I didn't knew about that, great. I thought I... moreOnce u put it on Performance Mode, it stays like that until you change it manually. I never turned off this feature for like 7 months and I never had to turn it on again since it stays that way.

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2020You have to put in performance mode (battery testing) in or... moreOh I see, I didn't knew about that, great. I thought I was being scammed or something by Huawei for lowering my devices speed. I got my old benchmark to 220k+ again. :D . But is there anyway to activate this automatically?, the darn thing has to be enabled by digging inside device settings, there is no easy shortcut whatsover to enable it manually or in auto mode make it switch to proper mode depending on the app being used.

Android 10 update broke display customization – Eye Comfort no longer works, can't adjust colour accuracy either.

Also performance hiccups appear from time to time – browser (Chrome) becomes unresponsive until I go back to home and re-open the browser again. But after enabling performance mode it hasn't happened yet.

I kind of feel like upgrading, but market sucks hard right now. Eyeing Realme X2 Pro, but it seems like currently prices are up for some reason, both x3 and x50 are more of a downgrade than upgrade due to lack of audio jack.

  • Anonymous

iam.joshua.bcxvii, 14 Jul 2020Anyone else has the same antutu rating of 200k after 2 yrs ... moreYou have to put in performance mode (battery testing) in order to have higher score on antutu. If you keep it in normal mode or standard mode then you have the scores you mentioned. On android 8 and 9.0 you didn't have the performance mode so you were always able to push it to the maximum, but after 9.1 things changed

  • sukamei

Unable to update to even EMUI 9.1. HiCare doesn't show any update available and systame update as well. I bought in the USA, but use it with a Mexican SiM card have been doing updates well only into but no options after that.

Anyone else has the same antutu rating of 200k after 2 yrs with this phone?, mine currently is at 130k-150k alright, almost half the speed from Antutu rating before. Or is it because I'm already using v8 instead of v7?. Is this considered a slow down of the phone alright?

  • Ortizz

I'm still stuck at emui 9. I guess they don't have a good support for their south east asian market. Not buying honor again, tired of waiting for emui 10.

  • ZZ

Anyone else having software sided ghost touch issue? Been having on and off between updates since 9.0 but now its been consistent for months. EMUI 10 update did not seem to fix it, and I could not find anyone else that has the issue.

  • Anonymous

The battery life is slightly improved in EMUI 10 you can feel after take shot and record video
audio histen you can choose the best setting headset suit for u
lack night shot camera still more noise and lack detail sad...... if not, be best hp small&light

  • M007aa

My original earphone volume is too low how i fix that? Any one have the same proplem