Honor 10 is set to receive GPU Turbo and Automatic Image Stabilization in August

Vlad, 18 July 2018

Huawei sub-brand Honor is announcing that two exciting new features are headed to its current flagship offering, the Honor 10, next month. One of those is the already widely publicized GPU Turbo, while the other is Automatic Image Stabilization (AIS) for the camera.

GPU Turbo, in Honor's own words, is "a groundbreaking hardware-software integration and graphics processing technology". It "guarantees fast performance speeds and addresses the common performance issues that plague the mobile gamer’s user experience". In short, it dramatically increases the graphics processing power and boosts the average frame rate. Gamers will love it, then.

AIS minimises blurring and compensates for device shake while capturing photos and videos. It's a software solution that works within 0.2 seconds to detect if the phone is handheld and automatically sets the exposure and framing using AI scene recognition. It apparently boasts 98% accuracy on figuring out whether you're holding the handset in your hand.

The new features will be part of a global software update that will start rolling out to all Honor 10 units on August 3. Before that, Honor plans to begin an exclusive beta testing program, following in the footsteps of a similar China-only initiative from last month.

This will only be available to "Honor’s core group of fans and highly engaging online influencers with strong social networks". The company wants to recruit "technically-minded users who specialise in four areas: unboxing, gaming, ID design and AI photography, and those who are happy to share their own experiences with Honor technology" for the beta test.


Reader comments

Actually no sure you need stablization but not as much as you normally would with 1second long exposure and google pixels do the same but they capture all shots at short exposure not short and long combo and btw those long are not longer than half se...

Its some kind of software trick not overclocking so it can sustain longer as much as it currently can cause there should be no additional heat

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Jul 2018
  • pdH

Even better question is how Many second the phone can sustain the turbo speed... 2 second? 5 second or 10 second... we need some serious test in these...

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