Honor 10 sells out in Europe on opening day

Ivan, 17 May 2018

Huawei has burned through its initial stock of Honor 10 units in Europe on its launch day.

The Honor 10 took just six hours to sell out in Spain while the Phantom Blue Honor 10 sold out within the day in France.

Huawei doesn't specify how many Honor 10 units it has sold in Europe but has shared that some 80,000 European social media subscribers have taken advantage of a €30 discount coupon.

The success of the Honor 10 isn't really surprising. The phone is a looker - as we noted in our hands-on - and offers great specs for a quite reasonable €400 price tag.


Reader comments

Not only that, but this Chinese stereotyping needs to stop. These Chinese manufacturers are businesses just like any other, just out here trying to make some money. It's one planet earth and we need to stop acting like anyone is lesser than the other...

Agreed. Have my honor 9 for almost six months, with no lags. Got Oreo about two months ago and it's still like brand new. Their phones just work. I guess that's to be expected though when a company makes its own soc's and software.

I have an Honor 9. Its works as intended, and its got the standard android security. I also haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary. Huawei doesn't seem to be interested in that stuff anyway. Seems like they just want people to like their phone...

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