Honor 2

Honor 2

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  • Just here to help

This is actually already available in http://www.liaow.com/huaweihonor22gram.php with international shipping too!

  • JaN II

Please Release in the Philippines.♫

  • Anonymous

If anyone knows of the release date for the U. S.... please email date to me. Joegalardi@hotmail.com

thanks!!!! :)

  • Buzz

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2012No gpu?!!? The K3 chip comes with a 16-core GPU, which beats the 12-core graphics on Tegra 3 and 8-core GPU on Tegra 2.

  • Anonymous

I would really like to buy this phone,but when it is going to launch in India. I need to know abt the services of company like reparing, etc..

  • SA

all smartphones have gpu, but here not mentioned. i think it's Hisilicon (used in ascend quad).

  • crawl

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2012No gpu?!!? It hashttp://www.huawei.com/en/about-huawei/newsroom/press-release/hw-124131-hisiliconmobileapplicationprocessork3v2smartphones.htm

  • Anonymous

No gpu?!!?

  • k

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2012Nice specs. Not my first choice, but I'm looking forward j... moreTrue,and its cheaper too say with htc phones.

  • liuswie

I hope it comes with optional leather casing. Important as most accessorie shops carry only the major brands.

  • holly

will the "Honor 2" be launched in Australia..?
Both my Wife and I have the "Sonic" and have been quite happy with them.
We are about to update and are considering Huawei again

  • Anonymous

Nice specs.
Not my first choice, but I'm looking forward just to test it at a store when it comes out.
Quad core+2GB RAM... Gotta admit that this phone has nice specs

  • dim

I hope this device come to indonesia

  • Ade

Huawei honor 2 is good

  • YouGottaBe

Although we know Huawei Honor 2 has a 16 cores GPU, which is confirmed to be Vivante GC4000, but this gpu is not general accepted by most game developing companies, therefore, whatever this GPU gets how many cores, we can hardly expect it runs most big 3D games smoothly or has a great game compatibility.


jij, 02 Nov 2012what is the price range of this phone?Huawei Honor 2 - in Chine it will be 300$

  • jij

what is the price range of this phone?

  • Anonymous

k3v2 has 16core gpu which is faster than adreno 225 but k3v2 have any gaming blog website just like other gpus ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2012what type of GPU?k3v2 has 16core gpu which is faster than adreno 225

  • M

Fireball, 31 Oct 2012Super specs ! But use this phone continuously for half and ... moreThe phone has not released yet! how did you find it like a fireball? :D