Honor 2

Honor 2

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  • Elric

This phone is great for mid end user

  • Fireball

Super specs ! But use this phone continuously for half and hour or so....and you'll have a fireball in your hands ..

  • Stephen

I am waiting this phone to be released in Malaysia. Honor 1 performance is good, so I believe Honor 2 will meet my expectation as well. Quad core phone at USD300 price. 326 ppi somemore. Why not give it a try? :) :)

  • confused

When it will come out ??
Plz someone tell meeee :(

  • Dil

Definitely in my top list. for the specs and price. its a no brainer. btw u ppl who dont know what huawei is, go google it up. Its a china GIANT which make chipsets for broadbands and many more.If you havent use a huawei phone before pls do everyone else a favour. dont troll. i've been using huawei x 5 for about 2 years now, everythg is liquid smooth still and kicking!

  • Anonymous

300 dollar only waw... this is a real value... i have huawei g300 and it work great... but i will upgrade to this one. i love the price :)

  • vylle

Huawei is good at making electronics but not sure if phones fall under their category..

  • Anonymous

a good price for such specs .

  • Anonymous

wow! not bad for $350!

  • tom

I heared that the price it will be around 300 dolars

  • Anonymous

i would choose huawei definitely because their high end phone with reasonable!!!

  • manjeet


  • R@vi

and wht abt the GPU??

  • Anonymous

what type of GPU?

  • Elric

The battery is nice large, you 1 step forward huawei!

  • Elric

Hemm not bad, good performance

  • jaljoshi

i think its a great package huawei made a vry gud move bt lets see what will b the price,it should be under INR 19k in india.

  • Anonymous

no document editor
how come?

  • Bailey

Great Specs... I would love to have one...

  • vickeytj

nice phone cool price