Honor 20 lite

Honor 20 lite

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

jdt2395, 16 Apr 2019kirin 710...kirin 710....kirin 710............ plz stop it... moreCosts more than even 980 to make a 970 actually so... Why would they?!! O3O

  • wokenman

Honestly in this day and at and that price-range, micro USB is an insult to customers.

  • LeeHarvey

haha, you paid midrange price but ask for flagship soc?

  • Azhar Ahmed

Kirin 710? why? what's wrong with you? this 2019, ok? you are using same chip sins 2017. please stop this and try some new and powerful at mid range.

kirin 710...kirin 710....kirin 710............
plz stop it.!!!

YOU huawei has kirin 980 and even kirin 985 for flaships phones.


  • janissary

Honor 10i is already out in Russia and you may watch videos for box opening etc on Rusian sites. Even though I do not understand Russian, I have found them useful. The price is nearly 305 USD.

  • Anonymous

Too many similarly-specced Huawei/Honor phones on the market, not even sure which is best.

Honor 10 lite
Huawei Y9 2019

Honor 8X
Huawei Nova 3i

Honor 10i
Huawei Nova 4e

All these phones above are running on Kirin 710, has Full HD display and more or less similarly designed. How to choose the best one?

Stand-out features among these:
- Nova 4e has Type-C
- Nova 4e and Honor 10i has triple camera with wide angle lens
- Nova 4e and Honor 10i has fast charging
- Huawei Y9 has 4,000 mAh battery
- Honor 8x has 3,750 mAH battery (rest of them has less than 3,400 mAH)
- Huawei Y9 and Honor 10 lite are made of plastic (rest are metal and glass)

I wish someone can make a proper comparison on these and rank them.

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2019Honor View 20 my friend :)but you don't have it.. am i right?

  • Tfue

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2019how many different honor phone are they gonna make ? whats ... moreIt's a company, they can produce as many as they like

  • Anonymous

Huawie Switcher, 20 Mar 2019Dear Huawei Please make a device with -6 G Ram -128 GB... moreHonor View 20 my friend :)

  • Anonymous

how many different honor phone are they gonna make ? whats the point anymore

  • Huawie Switcher

Dear Huawei
Please make a device with
-6 G Ram
-128 GB
- Kirin higher than 710
- 6.4 inch Display
- USB type C
- fingerprint screen with
- 400 $
this is what we need for 2019 as a typical mid range device

I hope you respond soon ..

Very adorable phone.
Oh wait micro USB and jack.
I am taking my words back sadly :-(

  • jack

i think its the same as honor 10 lite but the difference is the camera but why are huawei always use kirin 710

  • Anonymous

Instead of releasing the same phone ( honor 10 lite with a different name)with barely a slightly better camera, they could have ditched that old thing called Kirin 710 which can't even compete with the old snapdragon 660

  • Sahnoun

i think it have same specifications of huawei nova 4e

I swear to god honor/huawei, if this phone still uses microusb i won't even think of buying it!