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Honor 30S

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  • AMOLED, Lower model

If you really want AMOLED, then get the lower priced Honor 30 Lite, which will be released later. The configuration is uncertain at this point, it can either be Kirin820 (5G), or Kirin810 (4G).

  • IPS, Honor

Honor's attachment to IPS screen is due to the demand of the market for budget-flagships in that price-segment ($300-$550). It is not due to the preference of its designers or Honor's high management team. It is not a cost-saving measure.

Honor flagship series always use IPS for its higher-priced members, and AMOLED is only offered for lower-priced members.

  • viet teng

joe nodden, 30 Mar 2020Still? An LCD? I thought OLEDs were cheaper to produce now. why don't you produce by yourself?

  • Anonymous

Is it better than nova 5t?

Still? An LCD? I thought OLEDs were cheaper to produce now.

  • AnonD-754814

So, all those rumors are wrong.
It's using 4 high performance A76 core. So, better than SD765 and Exynos 980.
But can It beat Dimensity 1000L ?
If Mediatek did implement it right then I don't think so.
The price of Honor 30s is very good though.
But it's Chinese price. Huawei has bad reputation for raising the price in EU.

  • Anonymous

fully pro packed configurations but major con is display. better they have to put super AMOLED, atleast AMOLED...

This is a great Phone at this price ...Really eye catching ... Forget about amoled ...this LTps screen is more superior to ips and it also support HDR ..this specs is not even complete ....but I will wait for what honor 30 and 30 pro have in stock....I really like this 30s...it's amazing device.

  • Dobre

Honor, 30 Mar 2020huawei honor made it!!Unveiled on March 30.

  • Honor

huawei honor made it!!

  • Anonymous

Will this phone be available in South Africa?

Turns out I was right about an 8MP Ultra-wide

  • Chebbycraft34

Honor 30S (aka Honor Play 3S for the Outside China) has announced back in march

Now, we discovered new stuff to the next level, which i will be making Honor 30 series (which can be on sale in India soon)

  • tkSteveFOX

Huawei is making a killing here.
Apart from the LCD display this is an outstanding device.
- Kirin 820 is super-fast, only SD855, 865, Exynos 990 and Kirin 990 are faster and not by much + offers class-leading NPU and 5G!
- 3x telephoto and IMX686 and ultra-wide alongside the new 5.0 ISP.
-40W charging out of the box!
-Google services can be easily installed and HMS is vert quickly getting to the point where it won't need them anyway.
-Very reasonable pricing!