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  • Bilal jutt

Tiresh, 19 Oct 2019No 4GMobile is very good but not 4g pleas made 4g patrin

  • Anonymous

Rayo, 23 Aug 2019A nice device with one major flaw!!! 2g only. Apart from t... moreIt has 2 sims, one 3G and 1 2G.

  • Anonymous

Maximum Ben, 27 Jun 2017Browsing is difficult, and I can't download anything. the p... moreTrue, I face the same issue

  • Tiresh

hul, 13 Aug 2017i just wana ask if this phone is lte capable?No 4G

  • Rayo

A nice device with one major flaw!!! 2g only. Apart from that the phone is pretty sensible...No hangs, No crashing, nice compatibility with games... I'd rate it 3.5 stars because it has no 3g and the battery is not all that strong.

  • Frank

It was a nice phone when I bought it, but now it becomes clear that it's far from durable in terms of usability. I'm having increasing problems using it because of a limited number of signal frequencies it can handle. And mine doesn't even have 4G, only 2 and 3G. Plus, there are no updates for its OS.

Poor product, Huawei.

  • joseph

i am using this mobile Honor 3C from 2014 Aug till May 2019 with the same battery .

Battery has reduced to half day .. Couldnt find a compatible battery.
Else was good .

  • yakun

using this phone since end of 2014 and still in good condition.. just had to changed the battery like one and half ago

  • Anonymous

The best phone I had. I used it for 3 and half years without any error..I used the original battery also for same period. Recently my battery became dead and still struggling to find a compatible battery..

  • HassanRiaz

jason, 12 Mar 2017i get cust error after upgrading to 4.4 and motion control ... moreI had same error. I have international version. Cust fail occurred when I updated to B310 firmware. To resolve this I had to restore it to its stock jellybean firmware using following instructions.


I wanted to install B310 which is stable KitKat update. But for B320 you must have B110 or higher stock versions. So I again update my stock to B127 and then to B310.

  • jords

Update my phone!!!

  • Tech

ABBAS, 17 Jun 2018Hello My phone is the H30-u10 model How can i upgrade it ... moreSearch google for "H30-U10 RR Nougat" . You will get links links for Android 7.1 Nougat for Honor 3C H30-U10. You will need your phone rooted for this. Google for how to root your particular model or get help from someone for rooting.


My phone is the H30-u10 model
How can i upgrade it from 4.4.2 to higher models?
How can I update Android?
Is there an Android update for my ears?

  • Abdullah

Is huawei honor upgradable to a newer android version example 5,6,7 or 8 Oreo

  • shafiullah2500

Biju, 03 Mar 2018 Sometimes, my honor 3C phone automatically performs certai... morePlease You Delete al Contact no.Inter phone no again.

  • Anonymous

Hansana, 28 May 2017My battery drains fast what should I do?Set 0% picture temperature

  • AnonD-743853

., 16 Aug 2017How I upgrade to kit Kat plz replyUpdate my Honor 3c in 5.0 lolipop to please upgrade my my honor 3c lite

  • Anonymous

I have been using Huawei Honor 3C for two and half years. It is still work in good condition, not stuck and battery power is also good. Only have to charge once per day without using internet.

  • Biju

Sometimes, my honor 3C phone automatically performs certain actions like 'team leader' software. During this, I am unable to make call or access net. Phone get stuck.