Honor 3C

Honor 3C

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  • vtc4800

waqas, 16 Dec 2013specs and price wise superb if really this phone price just... moreyes..
that is it.

  • waqas

specs and price wise superb if really this phone price just 30euro then this phone kill number of local companies phone and also damage samsung budget range phone market

  • lol

The price though!

  • AnonD-83579

Disappointing GSM bands without 850 mhz. Then again I am not sure these specs make sense because mt6582 has a newer gpu than the mali400. Thought it was mp2 for dual graphics.

  • Anonymous

Unbelievable! Huawei is crazy to sell this decent mix of specs for that low of a price. There must be a catch here

  • chamara

prize group cant be

  • AnonD-156904

This price tag seems a little impossible for me. If it stands at about 90 Euros then It's either a hit in international market or a failure due to low quality. I can't wait longer...

  • Anonymous

When it will be available in Dubai?
I want to buy this as soon as available.