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I am using Honor50 from a month now and switched from Huawei Mate 20pro. Battary of Honor50 is not good. It is going to Drain very quickly. Please comment if someone else is facing same issue.

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    • Anonymous
    • tu2
    • 02 Jan 2022

    jusknittin, 28 Oct 2021What are you talking about? Everyone knows that Magic UI is... moreUnfortunately it is not equipped with twin App. I've got a written confirmation from Honor. Also I just found out that it doesn't support split screen.

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      • Ramy
      • Nk$
      • 19 Dec 2021

      Ramy, 29 Nov 2021Guys, I'm going to buy this phone but I'm worried... moreAny reply please

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        • JuskA
        • tV3
        • 15 Dec 2021

        Khan , 13 Dec 2021It's quite strange that one of the old feature of twin... moreThere's an official statement that the twin apps and some other feature changes will be made on the next update. I've tried with third party apps to emulate the "twin" but almost every app seem to create a virtual android instead. That's just the same as you creating a new user on your android and run the twin app there. It's quite inconvenient.

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          • Joy
          • tui
          • 14 Dec 2021

          Honor 50 unable split screen and the camera 1X and wide angle may have color difference

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            • Khan
            • 605
            • 13 Dec 2021

            It's quite strange that one of the old feature of twin app is missing.
            This is really very strange, the new versions should be backward compatible by default.
            I wish they can release a patch to fix the issue

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              • Ramy
              • Nek
              • 29 Nov 2021

              Guys, I'm going to buy this phone but I'm worried many reviews talking about it hang on scrolling and some apps like Netflix doesn't support HDR content for this model, I would to hear from people already bought the phone how thier experience ? . Is it smooth and fluid enough in all apps and about screen color and brightness . I really appreciate your valuable experience share

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                • Alex
                • nSc
                • 28 Nov 2021

                I just recived the NEW Honor 50! Someone knows how to put 2 WhatsApp? I cant find app twin in this phone. In my old honor 10 was easy...

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                  • Mard
                  • n0a
                  • 26 Nov 2021

                  Isn't USB-C 2.0 too cheap for a 500€ phone?

                    I hate protectors, 25 Nov 2021Can the factory installed protector be removed? Yes, it's just a film.

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                      • walter171091
                      • Kud
                      • 25 Nov 2021

                      Sam, 24 Nov 2021I have Honor 50 China Version, but I don't have Google... moreChinese version no works with google play services :C

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                        • I hate protectors
                        • Yeu
                        • 25 Nov 2021

                        Can the factory installed protector be removed?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 05Z
                          • 25 Nov 2021

                          Sixth Wave, 12 Nov 2021Do we use "Phone Clone App" on honor 50 to transf... moreI got 256/8 version.
                          Yes it worked beautifully unlike others I have tested.
                          Out of 70 apps from P20 Lite only one was missing cached data.
                          + A plus is that package contain factory put protection foil and you also get clear silicon cover that really not obstruct Crystal version look.
                          + It is light, much lighter than P30 Pro I also have

                          - Without Silicon cover the phone is soo slippery in hands

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                            • Sam
                            • PEB
                            • 24 Nov 2021

                            I have Honor 50 China Version, but I don't have Google play services, I hope next update it will have google play.

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                              • Kaki
                              • dZu
                              • 23 Nov 2021

                              There's an offer for this phone for $374.
                              Should I get this phone at this price ?

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                                • N01B4ME
                                • sph
                                • 23 Nov 2021

                                AJ, 21 Nov 2021no google play store?According to the manufacturer Google Play Services it is available depending on the market in which the phone will be sold.

                                Most likely the units sold outside China / Asia region will be equipped with the complete Google package.

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                                  • PMS
                                  • EJK
                                  • 22 Nov 2021

                                  Ive had an Honor 8 for 6.25 years. Its worked fine with the extra miui skin with no problems. Now that is being sold in europe it can be bought for the USA. Yes it has google services in it. I like Honor. Now if could just get descent Phone serice in Houston, that would be a win-win.

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                                    • AJ
                                    • v3F
                                    • 21 Nov 2021

                                    no google play store?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3xK
                                      • 19 Nov 2021

                                      Danylo, 12 Nov 2021Most beautiful phone of all time... This is my dream...Maybe but definitely awful colors choices except for the black color.

                                        Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Do Honor phones have Google services? Yes they have