Honor 50 Pro

Honor 50 Pro

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  • Joe

Pfft. Wayyyyy overpriced.

captain fokou, 28 Jun 2021Not anymore but because phones are getting disigned 6-18 mo... moreOh didn't catch that news. Thanks for letting me know.

OMG, 750$
No ois, shitty 8mb ultra wide camera
No stereo speakers.
I guess oneplus 9 is muuuch better for such price

  • Elthan John

Device just for great camera and no stereo speaker 👎👎👎

Am glad that Google play services are back...

  • Alex

This phone doesn't worth this amount of money!!! 500-550$ yes...750$ no chance!!!

Bennyyheball, 27 Jun 2021My Honor 20 Pro has laser autofocus, OIS and telephoto lens... moreHonor 20 PRO was made by Huawei with mobile photography as its selling point.

  • Anonymous

Steve, 28 Jun 2021They call it "Pro", but it doesn't have wire... moreWireless Charging is not even an important thing. It is also super inefficient

joe nodden, 23 Jun 2021Honor is HuaweiNot anymore but because phones are getting disigned 6-18 months before their release the honor 50 looks like the p50.

  • Msinel

is very strange that Pro version has smaller batery than regular 50. The 50 verions battery is 4300 compare with 4000 from 50 Pro

  • Steve

They call it "Pro", but it doesn't have wireless charging? No deal!

  • A.D.

With that price, honor should include ois

  • Anonymous

That camera setup looks awful if yk what I mean. Reminds me of a Fiat Multipla a little bit, its atrocious
Spec wise it looks fine

  • Bennyyheball

My Honor 20 Pro has laser autofocus, OIS and telephoto lens. Seems like a downgrade to me....was looking forward to getting the 50...maybe stick with my 20 Pro.

Stalwart, 24 Jun 2021Aren't they independent from Huawei already? Honor is Huawei...Just the same with Lexus and Toyota

That one seems to be so good. Looking forward to see how it perfoms.

Ï am very disappointed to see that there is no duel stereo speakers and battery is only 4000mah. in Honor 50 Pro. Nowadays minimum 5000mah. battery is required. 😠😡🤬

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm jack. No card slot. Rubbish. next...

Great phone, the only problem being, if you remove the one ultra wide camera on the front you get Xiaomi 10 pro who is less then half the price if this and even has mote features like headphone jack. Phone makers need to calm down with prices.

  • Rafael

Doesn't features OIS Beware. If someone understands, pls tell me why is it so hard to put OIS on a phone camera?