Honor 50 Pro

Honor 50 Pro

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  • Anonymous

stupid job honor!
it's not like a pro version of honor 50 and the price is not same as old honor's smartphones.

  • Elthan John

This phone is good in terms of performance despite using the Snapdragon chipset and better than other phones that use the same chipset. The camera is also quite amazing. But
damn, this mobile phone does not have stereo speakers that put large earpiece speakers like the Honor 30pro/30pro+. This is what disappointed me. The company has made a big mistake of only putting mono speakers for this smartphone. Sorry I don't buy it.

joe nodden, 23 Jun 2021Honor is HuaweiAren't they independent from Huawei already?

  • MrYoso

4000mAh?? seriously huawei... -.-

captain fokou, 22 Jun 2021it's technically honor not huawei but yeah, the pro sh... moreHonor is Huawei

  • Anonymous

What makes this phone a "Pro"?
For a half price we have better options.

joe nodden, 22 Jun 2021Scores 552k in Antutu. To put it into perspective, the $219... moreit's technically honor not huawei but yeah, the pro should have a 870 and better cameras. Some people would say the honor 30 pro was better

Stalwart, 22 Jun 2021is the 778G really that bad? Shame because it's a nice... moreScores 552k in Antutu. To put it into perspective, the $219 Poco X3 Pro scores 561k.

It makes no sense for Huawei to use a mid range chipset on the Pro model when the exact same thing was used on the non-pro model.

joe nodden, 21 Jun 2021Can't believe they'd release something this slow ... moreis the 778G really that bad? Shame because it's a nice looking device.

Can't believe they'd release something this slow for that insane price. The Honor series has lost its honor.

  • Elthan John

Honor 50/50 pro is a great perfomance of camera, processer and great for gamming to, but no stereo speaker. Honor make big mistake about this. Why they choose mono speaker and not put dual speaker like Honor 30 pro series. That,s shame. Sorry I don,t buy it. Sereo speakers are very important to me.

8mp ultrawide camera is kinda shameful for this price
[Omivision 8mp right]

No 3.5mm jack, no SD and no stereo speakers? And it's not like they didn't have space considering the small 4000mAh battery yet massive display. What an absolute joke. And a midrange CPU for 480 euros. DOA.

If this phone had 108 MP HMX, whose size is 1/1.33 as main sensor instead of 108 MP HM2 as main sensor and SD888 as the chipset, it'd be a good alternative to upcoming S21 FE, but in this shape as we know it, it has nothing special to stand out.

  • coyz

Its a no brainer idea always on why many companies are following the stu...p idea of apple removing sd card and 3.5 jack. it should be basics in any phone to give users more freedom

I hope it will rreceive android updates for at least 2 years

Hope it will reside android updates for 2 years

  • Japz

What happen to huawei nowadays?

  • alfmas

What about IR? does it have IR??

256gb is not enough for me after 1half year.

UsbC 2.0 is another big letdown. I do connect my phone to larger display (Monitor/Projector) from time to time.

4000 battery should suffice. Am using Honor 20 Pro. Cant remember a day that this thing die on me.

Sorry Honor. My time to upgrade as memory almost full, and camera start falling behind.

Next budget phone thinking of Motorola Edge S (aka G100).
Cheaper. Slightly better camera (new lens). Usb3. 1. SDextension.