Honor 5c

Honor 5c

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  • Tony

Is real good phone model, battery qality is superb and OS is stable with strong signal receiving power.

  • Anonymous

super phone

  • Anonymous

super phone

  • Kit

It is such a good phone, that am ever seen. I have no such complaints. Am Using this phone from 2016 to till the date

  • Don

good phone , usual shitty Huawei camera, bad colors and pixellation, poor low light performance

  • Anonymous

Bye bye my honor 5c, after 3 years and 2 months I can't use this phone anymore, it became so slow, I got Huawei nova 5T

  • No honor

nobody ;), 19 Aug 2019My friend is using this phone, I must admit for the price i... moreYes, lags awful, even more after a few months... over to Samsung A20e for faster better choice.

  • MarcoG

what is the right screwdriver for Huawei GT3? (for external and internal screws)

  • Nik

dan, 27 Jan 2019but mine it works perfectly with pubgWork in low settings

  • nobody ;)

My friend is using this phone, I must admit for the price it's good but it's been lagging the whole time.

  • RD

I'm using BeanStalk 6.0 by meticulus on this phone.
Serving cool

  • Moon

I am using this phone almost 3 years and 3 months it's really good performance with 128gb SD card. And battery performance so satisfied.


I'm using this phone for almost 3 years, it was good but suddenly it became slow

  • aLex

I've been using this phone since its launch. and haven't faced a single issue with it. I give it A+

  • Anonymous

The battery is horrible, I had 70% the other day and took a couple of photos for max. 5 minutes and it said "shutting down". Same for Instagram, when I want to post something on my story, the phone shuts down immediately.

  • sagar

I m using this mobile from more than 2 years. Guys dont much expect from this phone for gaming purpose. It handles gaming averagely as its outdated hardware but cant underestimate it.
Camera : i got a software update a year back and major difference seen in the camera performance . The camera can beat still beat the current models within this range in daylight performance and portrait mode. Sounds weird!! guys it takes potrait photos like pro. It was unbelievable for me but later i checked it again n again , it was all true guys.

performance: for daylu usage its good. not for heavy gaming.

battery life: its good. it wont disappoint you.

build quality: guys i am speechless about it. because this phone is so solid like you start feeling like a Nokia handset. i am using it without any protection form 2 years. It fell more than 150-160 times during this period but u only get scratches at the back (not on the camera). Guys its very very highly built. Even my friend has the same experience with this phone. Phones are like this are rare to find in current days.

Overall its a good phone.

  • dan

Stan, 18 Oct 2018PUBG is too heavy for this phone.but mine it works perfectly with pubg

  • Zahid pakistan

I need Help
4g not working in my Honor5c(Huawei GT3). I I have tried a lot of tricks. Settings are ok. but they didn't work for me. Same LTE sim works on other phones but doesn't work on my GT3.

  • K@lle

This phone was very popular in Finland a year or two back then.
Very good phone when comparing it's price group.

This phone is just a basic phone for it's price. Both camera are pretty bad, speaker is'nt good quality, but this phone is fast enough for everyday use (messaging, calls, calendar, music, videos...). You'll be able to play some games, but if you want to play PUBG, Fortnite or other big 3D games, it's possible, it's not unplayable, but PUBG won't go under 20-30 FPS in lower quality, and the phone don't have much space so you'll probably need an SD Card. Also this phone don't have a lot of RAM (2GB), this will be once again ok for everyday use but it's pretty annoying when it close everything when you open the camera for example. The phone does not have a gyroscopic sensor, so you won't be able to capture 360° photos, and use some games that use the gyroscope (most games that use tilt sensor like Asphalt 8 use the accelerometer though).

The screen is good and this phone will be very good for viewing videos. The phone have pretty big borders on the top and bottom of the screen compared to today's phone (11/2018) but the back design looks great. But you'll need to protect it because the aluminium plate may slightly fold if you hit it. Emui 5 is a pretty bad UI in my opinion, it removes a few basics Android features, but I used it with a Custom ROM (which is not possible today, Honor devices are not officially unlockable anymore). Finally, the phone also have a good battery and will last the day without problems. I tested the NEM-L51 Vartiant in europe without fingerprint scanner.

TL;DR: Bad camera and speaker, correct performances for basic use, Emui 5 is clearly not the best, good screen and batterry.