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  • Galileo

I need 1.5 hour to charge full with 5V~2A charger. Not bad. 0~50% only 40 minute.

I not have lag issue. My OS is marshmellow code name B310.

No battery drain. Smooth,stable. I buy @90 USD, NEW!!.

This is better than mediatek 6753 or 6750.

My antuntu score is 53.000 with antuntu versi 7.0.xx


  • Honor bee

I have this phone. Huawei GR5/HONOR 5X.

I buy february 2019 @90 USD new in the box.

Now i use marshmellow software B310.

Run smooth.better than lollipop.no lag.no hang.

I got 53.000 antutu score. Not bad.

With lolipop i got 49.000 antuntu benchmark.

If you use this phone. Lets update,and dont forget to factory reset after update.

7000-15, 18 Sep 2018Very good phone, it is now more than 2.5 years old and it r... moreme tooooooo... this oppinion

  • padua

the storage facility is very small,they said is 16g but is just 4g always running out of space. also the connection is very slow.pls what's the solutuon

  • jenlow

d phone is good but when it comes to browsing is always slow i had to use wifi so i can browes faster pls hw do we improve in this

Data connection too poor......I need help.

  • Andrea

The data connection is very low ...still in 2G still I bought it...cant even load a page ,pls someone should help me out.....am regreting buying the phone

  • Andrea

The date connection is very low ...still in 2G still I bought it...pls someone should help me out.....am regret buying the phone

  • Dom

I have had (recently broke it out of rage, because of how laggy it was) it 1.5 years and it was one of the most excruciating years I have ever had. I paid 250 euros for this crap. Even the loading screen was lagging. I thought the lag might've come from the full storage, but after doing a full factory reset, it worked the same. So overall: too laggy, wouldn't recommend, for the price you could find phones twice, if not thrice, as good.

  • Mark

I've been using this phone for a couple of years now and had have a very good experience so far, It's not the top of the top when it comes to data processing, not recommended for gaming, however for any other activity it does the job, now I'm thinking to get a P line of haweii, but still my currently phone is working and I'm surprised that has not broke after all the falls over hard pave surfaces.. Thumbs up!

  • Azam

let not support

  • 7000-15

Very good phone, it is now more than 2.5 years old and it running as a new.

I will buy a Honor phone again.
Really fan of this brand.

The Honor 5X is my first Honor phone, and it is the best phone i have ever experienced.

  • Svn

dragonlady, 14 Sep 2018Mobile network not available? I can call my phone but cann... moreHard reset your phone

  • dragonlady

Mobile network not available? I can call my phone but cannot call out

  • Anonymous

My huawei honor 5 can’t even connect to my blutooth speaker

  • SP

Yes, amazing phone then 2 years later it is slowing down so much even after a factory reset. Very slow and hanging. Cannot even update it is only software as it keeps downloading and the fail on the installation.

  • Anonymous

M.Shamy, 18 Aug 2018Recently am having a kind of readings that is showing on th... moreI would recommend to go Settings \ Developer options \ off

  • anas

i got this phone 2 years ago, was very good at the beginning, but now, it's being very slow, keeps hanging. tried to restore factory settings. got better for 2 days then same issue of slowness.
my wife has Samsung J7 which is almost the same price and specs of GR5, but her phone still running like new. most of the times when my phone hangs she hands me her J7.

  • anas

Maju, 16 Aug 2018What is the current Android version?still 6.. :( and it's being very slow device now. Samsung j7 much better

  • M.Shamy

Recently am having a kind of readings that is showing on the screen of my phone and it is really annoying. It is showing some sort of statistics and it is changing all the time. For example, it showing the consumption of every app and any thing that is relating to the operating system in a percentage format.
Can someone help please as really upset!