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  • AnonD-489874

Rasel, 17 Jan 2016I think this is the best phone in the market now at this pr... moreYou may check Amazon:)

  • AnonD-489874

AnonD-467581, 17 Jan 2016Now there is confusion about choosing a handset- 1. Asus z... moreIn my honest opinion (I am by no means an expert) this phone appears superior overall. Also build quality seems that of a high end flagship asmartphone. I would choose this phone, quite an impressive one for $200. Hope I helped. If you need more help maybe ask what specifically makes one better than the other.

  • AnonD-467581

Now there is confusion about choosing a handset-
1. Asus zf2 (4gb)
2. Samsung j7
3. Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro
4. Huawei honor 5x

Need a real user opinion please...

  • Rasel

I think this is the best phone in the market now at this price tag.
I want to buy this phone
Anyone pls tell me is it available in Bangladesh Market?

  • AnonD-484123


  • dveras

Agance, 17 Jan 2016waiting for the review Yeah I'm waiting for a in-depth review. For some reason I think this is too good to be true.

  • hi

Can someone tell me if this phones could work with Metro PCS? it works on the t-Mobile network but i want to be sure.

waiting for the review

  • AnonD-489337

I hope this phone release to indonesia ? because i alredy waiting for that moment

  • AnonD-428852

No snapdragon 616 SOC ?
And does it have any protection on the screen ?

  • AnonD-441506

AnonD-467404, 16 Jan 2016if I was you . I will go with honor 5x. it has better selfi... morety bro for the detailed reply (Y)

  • gr1982

will honor 5x supports indian cdma networks?

  • AnonD-467404

AnonD-441506, 15 Jan 2016Honor 5x or Galaxy Note 3? with same price tag!if I was you . I will go with honor 5x. it has better selfie camera, and better design. an added advantage of finger print sensor too. more importantly it is the newer device, and huawei confirmed if will receive marshmallow and security updates.

  • AnonD-488929

i hope they release it in the Philippines too. Who has the phone? How was it?

  • AnonD-441506

Honor 5x or Galaxy Note 3? with same price tag!

  • AnonD-188831

FakuMotaFaka, 06 Jan 2016Also why is the site showing 3gb and 2gb ram descriptionI don't know.... I checked in Vmall China and they got only 2gb ram for Honor 5x

  • AnonD-488726

Mixplix, 12 Jan 2016As specs stand the modem lacks LTE frequency bands for US c... moreThis is the Asian version released November last year. US version should be released at the end of January this year. Anyway the specs and pricing are almost exactly the same as the ASUS Zenfone 2's 16GB version from last year, this phone might not do as well since it is nearly a year late. Both of these phones lack features I'd like including HDMI output, 802.11 ac, & removable battery though.

[deleted post]agree to you mate, I have Huawei ascend y511 exactly two years as of this writing though it doesn't have a fast GPU and RAM but its built quality is great when you hold it and feel it you feel that you have a genuine phone not light like holding a toy though users have their own opinion about this, its good

  • tdallas

AnonD-403353, 11 Jan 2016Support all necessary LTE Tmo Bands including B12 , so i'll... morethanls

  • GD22

vhh, 07 Jan 2016Lg g3 got wifi ac and this phone don't. .. lg g3 alot bette... moreApples to oranges comparison. The G3 is a flagship device whereas the Honor 5x is an mid-level phone. Although IMHO any 2016 Android device should include 802.11ac since most modems support it including the SoC in the Honor 5x. It should also have launched with Android M and not a version of 5.x.x.

Obviously the LG G3 is a superior device in comparison but it's not an equivalent comparison