Honor 5X

Honor 5X

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  • AnonD-478100

In this phone have 2 sim slots (naino+ micro) and an extra slot for 128 gb micro sd support. I'm confirm. And this phone is launching in india late January . And 2gb ram price is 9999 rs.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-392170, 19 Oct 2015It's under powered compared to the competing mediatek mt675... moredoesn't mediatek chipsets heat more than qualcomm chipsets

  • Anonymous

Pls bring it on in india as soon as possible.

After success of Honor 4X we are waiting for Honor 5X

  • AnonD-476961

Mostly it's a 2 slots, One for Sim and another for either Sim 2 or SD

  • rajiv

ait'sny one reply me. please..
this phone hybrid sim slot or 2 sim slot and individual sd card slot

  • Mohamed1997

AnonD-206412, 30 Sep 2015Why does 800+SD chipsets phone avoid sd card slot. . and th... moreBecause, in some cases the SD card slows down the performance of the phone, but the customers doesn't know that so they start blaming the company for producing such a bad mobile and it affects the repution of the company badly, actually it depends on the transfering speed of the SD card but noowadays lots of SD card are cheaper than others so people buy cheap SD card instead expensive ones with the same storage.

  • AnonD-392170

[deleted post]It's under powered compared to the competing mediatek mt6752, or helio x10, getting 10000 less on antutu, there are reports of overheating, and it has a weak gpu - adreno 405 is worse than mali t760

  • AnonD-392170

plz not snapdragon 615.....

  • AnonD-206412

Why does 800+SD chipsets phone avoid sd card slot. . and the premium level has upto 128gb expandability ??

  • AnonD-435954

hey wat about price and also dos it comes with fast charging and also if it suffers from snapdragon 615 heating issues

  • stanley

much better i would like to see here already within rumor mill finally something about honor 7 plus with breaktrhough kyrin 950 inside and mali 880 ,hope gsm arena update it here soon.. this is not so much interesting phone ,just common typical middle class phone like many more on market with snap 615 and agree with it that is maybe follower of model 4X cause its circa the same power range(only with more memory) this model will be straight rival of the lenovo vibe shot/ or vibe P1

  • Than Gam

It's a successor to honor 4x so it's name would have been honor 5x...
But there is already one 5x under lg...
That's why it's named as x5...