Honor 6X

Honor 6X

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  • Ali

Using this wonderful phone non stop for 2 years. No problem till now. Wonderful device.

  • Anonymous

Battery began swelling up after about 2 years of use :(

  • Anonymous

6X has been awesome. No problems at all. No camera issues, no restarting issues. Its been amazing! Had the 5X before this and it too was amazing. Those that are having issues, might need to expand memory and move images off phone to SD card.

  • Arun

Deep, 30 Nov 2018today honor 6x bln-l22 received android oreo and emui 8.0 updateAfter updating to Oreo + EUMI 8, How is the performance ?
Please reply.

  • matnetmat

Robbage, 19 Jul 2019This has been an awesome phone over the last couple of years, bu... morechange battery to avoid fire

  • matnetmat

really awsome phone ...3 yrs no issues like new ....thankfully

  • matnetmat

Aakif, 26 Aug 2019My phone screen freezes like twice a dayclaear all the clutter and free space

  • Kshitixzme

Aakif, 26 Aug 2019My phone screen freezes like twice a dayGive her some rest

  • Boub

is it otg supported phone


  • Altaf

is it otg supported phone

  • Sud

Still working super fine.. loving my honor 6x

  • Aakif

My phone screen freezes like twice a day

Most of y'all saying ur phones' running smoothly good, it's not in my case. My version is BLL-L22 3GB/32GB and is processing very slow in my daily use, especially the camera app. The heaviest app i only dare install is Spotify, next up is Google Photos, and then Youtube Vanced.

I admit, this model's camera is outstanding in its class at the time, but after 2+ yrs, it's running like turtles, camera takes 30s+ to open n really to take pictures.

Anyways, im about to get over this and upgrading to VOG-L29 model (Huawei P30 Pro), lets see how Huawei's 2019 flagship will perform after 4yrs =}}

Mete, 25 Jul 2019Phone was good but, after 2 years usage... It's stuck to Andr... moreThe slow camera thing is very true, mine is 3GB/32GB and it takes 30s+ to load the image and take photos. Thankfully its quality is one of the best in class tho.

  • aliez

using this phone 2 year n half, good quality phone, battery life, camera, display still functioning well, seriously condition just like day1 I had it , overall 6x really well made phone

  • Mete

Phone was good but, after 2 years usage...

It's stuck to Android 6.0. App opening time is very slow. Battery is still great (really), camera is not bad but...Unfortunately it's very slow now.

  • Ksavi

Si, 1 year and half passes, and before 2 days my ovome just start to glitching, turning off and on for no reason.. Soo, it's good but not for a while..

  • zmael

reallymiss my phone its great,. hope wil back to me

  • Aw

Charger with which specifications is best for honor 6x, is turbo charger 5v 2a is suitable for it ? If it doesn't damage the battery

  • achoos

Really good phone