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  • Anonymous
  • Nue
  • 02 Mar 2024

Seth W, 07 Oct 2023Been using it for 6 years. Never used it for gaming even ba... moreWhich game do u use it for

    Leonardo, 19 May 2023The biggest drawback of this device according to my father&... moreHad it for more than three years and never been slow at changing, in fact, quite the opposite
    It was really fast at charging ever since I bought it for the very first time.

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      • Anonymous
      • dSV
      • 08 Oct 2023

      UsmanMuneer, 13 Jan 2020Most probably it is GPS sensor fault, it usually happen whe... moreI've got the same problem with mine. The GPS is absolutely rubbish.

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        • Seth W
        • tes
        • 07 Oct 2023

        Been using it for 6 years. Never used it for gaming even back then. Mostly used it for web browsing, Youtube & Xwidyos. Only issue for me now is running out of space because of whatsapp. Otherwise great phone. Best I ever had.

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          • Leonardo
          • KZJ
          • 19 May 2023

          The biggest drawback of this device according to my father's experience using it is the speed of charging. This device takes a very long time to finish charging.

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            • Anonymous
            • YW2
            • 03 Apr 2023

            tariqlhr, 28 Mar 2023I have been using this model for the past five years and be... moreI too have been using it. Heck it's my main device even now in 2023. It's very good with minimal lag.bit the only caveat being that it runs on android 7. At least 8 would have been better

              I have been using this model for the past five years and believe me, even today in 2023, I have never found a phone of any brand better than this one with 4/64. Even today, the ease I feel using it is unmatched by any other brand of phone. So as long as my phone is working I can't think of any other model.

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                • Mdfalco
                • 3k0
                • 14 Jan 2023

                Had this phone since 2017 and very happy with. Camera is really excellent and made fme alling in love with smartphone photography... In November 2022 I decided to update to a better cameraphone and purchased an Oppo Find X5.
                But surprisingly, shots by Honor 6x are by far better in daylight, expecially macros. Maybe last phones have too much software modifications. I can show same shots taken with the 2 phones and the difference of quality is evident, Honor is the winner. Big surprise and deception for my revent purchase

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                  • Suraj patel
                  • 7jW
                  • 10 Nov 2022

                  I use honor 6x from last 5 years and i love this phone 🤳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i just love this
                  Camera 5/4
                  Processor i5/5
                  Touch screen and display 5/5
                  Videos 5/5
                  Build coulity 5/5
                  Overall it is 4.5/5 performance i just love thi phone ❤️❤️❤️ love u my honor 6x😘

                    Chanuth, 27 Sep 2022I'm using this phone for 6 years. The phone runs bette... moreSame with me, been using the phone for 4+ years and still love it.
                    What's the latest firmware you running on this?

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                      • Chanuth
                      • teu
                      • 27 Sep 2022

                      I'm using this phone for 6 years. The phone runs better and the camera is also good.Some camera features are not even in the latest phones.

                        ToothlessLK, 13 Mar 2022Bought on feb. 2017 still its my phone Only downside is s... more New mid-rangers have cameras way bigger (almost twice as big as this one)
                        No way this lower-mid-range/upper budget phone from 2016/17 is even close.

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                          • JJ
                          • fCF
                          • 06 May 2022

                          I am using this since 4 and half years but now fees of latest version font are. Not visible in this phone.

                          Assuming latest Android version fonts are not supported with old Android version 7 I think company need to manage those upgrade and atleast support a font

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                            • ToothlessLK
                            • teq
                            • 13 Mar 2022

                            Bought on feb. 2017 still its my phone
                            Only downside is some app updates are not supported due to older android version
                            Im feeling like the camera is also still hanging out with newer mid ranges

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                              • Abedito
                              • D7b
                              • 20 Dec 2021

                              can any one tell me what is the max microSD i can put in this phone ?

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                                • Drsagar
                                • CbD
                                • 20 Dec 2021

                                I am using honor 6x from 4 years..not a single problem till date..screen is damaged since 4 months but phone is still working..now I am not getting parts here in India.. really nice phone

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                                  • Sleman
                                  • gxD
                                  • 08 Nov 2021

                                  Superb performance..... 4.yrs and 6 months is going on.

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                                    • erwan
                                    • sqr
                                    • 29 Oct 2021

                                    Dujo, 22 Oct 2021Work perfect!! After 4 years like new. same for me ! I just cracked the screen for the first time in 4 years (and I dropped it often without any case on), still works good ! really was a very good phone worth the price

                                      • D
                                      • Dujo
                                      • gIP
                                      • 22 Oct 2021

                                      Work perfect!! After 4 years like new.

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                                        • Amendra
                                        • u7@
                                        • 24 Sep 2021

                                        One of the greatest mobile phone I have ever used. Purchased 2017 and worked superbly. Last night it was accidentally put in water for about one hour and not turned on for few hours. Amazingly now its working as nothing happened. Absolutely amazing!