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  • Aakif

My phone screen freezes like twice a day

Most of y'all saying ur phones' running smoothly good, it's not in my case. My version is BLL-L22 3GB/32GB and is processing very slow in my daily use, especially the camera app. The heaviest app i only dare install is Spotify, next up is Google Photos, and then Youtube Vanced.

I admit, this model's camera is outstanding in its class at the time, but after 2+ yrs, it's running like turtles, camera takes 30s+ to open n really to take pictures.

Anyways, im about to get over this and upgrading to VOG-L29 model (Huawei P30 Pro), lets see how Huawei's 2019 flagship will perform after 4yrs =}}

Mete, 25 Jul 2019Phone was good but, after 2 years usage... It's stuck to Andr... moreThe slow camera thing is very true, mine is 3GB/32GB and it takes 30s+ to load the image and take photos. Thankfully its quality is one of the best in class tho.

  • aliez

using this phone 2 year n half, good quality phone, battery life, camera, display still functioning well, seriously condition just like day1 I had it , overall 6x really well made phone

  • Mete

Phone was good but, after 2 years usage...

It's stuck to Android 6.0. App opening time is very slow. Battery is still great (really), camera is not bad but...Unfortunately it's very slow now.

  • Ksavi

Si, 1 year and half passes, and before 2 days my ovome just start to glitching, turning off and on for no reason.. Soo, it's good but not for a while..

  • zmael

reallymiss my phone its great,. hope wil back to me

  • Aw

Charger with which specifications is best for honor 6x, is turbo charger 5v 2a is suitable for it ? If it doesn't damage the battery

  • achoos

Really good phone

  • Robbage

This has been an awesome phone over the last couple of years, but just recently the battery has started to swell up and is now trying to push the display out.

  • Seif ALgeria

i'v been using it for 2 years now ! .. it's a great phone !

  • Dupang

SL, 16 Jan 2019I don't receive any fb notification when I am on the Facebook ap... moredelete your fb application, messenger.... after re install. the same apps....

  • Sue

Darwin, 18 May 2019Hello guys, what are the difference between HUAWEI GR5 2017 and ... moreActually there's no actual difference but its sold and known as a Huawei Gr5 but on the intrnet especially in here it holds a different one why idk

  • Darwin

Hello guys, what are the difference between HUAWEI GR5 2017 and HONOR 6X

  • Nasif

It's been almost 2 years using this GR5 2017. The phone performs still the same as it was 2 years ago; no lags, fast enough, battery lasts 2 days with normal use (no gaming). Camera is decent enough to share pics with friend & family in social media.

I remember selling this phone to my cousin and then I bought it from him after a month lol. Because I was not impressed with other phone.

Even I purchased Huawei Y9 2019 but had to sell it and get back to my old phone because I can't left the mighty GR5 2017 haha

There's so much connection between me and this phone, that I decided to use this phone for another 2 years

  • Anonymous

FR34K, 08 May 2019Also upgradable to Android 8.0/ EMUI 8.0What's your location? I am not being able to update to EMUI 8

  • FR34K

Also upgradable to Android 8.0/ EMUI 8.0

  • geme

JonB, 22 Mar 2019My phone is over 2 years old. Battery life is good, everything ... moreFake news?

  • JonB

My phone is over 2 years old. Battery life is good, everything still works like it did when I first got it. The only issue, a mate told me Huawei copped a big fine because they listen in to your conversations. If that's true then they are hit with a double whammy, in my case... A big fine and having to listen to a lot of boring conversations. :)

  • Anonymous

Dillan, 21 Feb 2019Been using my gr5 for 2 years now and I've had no issue, very re... moreWhat android version are you using?is there any problem if I update it from marshmallow to nougat?thanks