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Honor 7A

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  • Angela Bobs

Mine can freeze, hide, and it can't do anything
It is not so good to use

  • Srivisara

Super Phone Ican't see in the World but

  • Karthim

Why are u hardware blocked my finger prints..

  • Anonymous

Loud speaker is not good...

  • Anonymous

Looks like the macOS Big Sur wallpaper.

  • AnonD-821125

Mobileuser, 11 Jan 2021Go to apps>launch>turn off "manage all automatic... morei've tried that it didn't work

AnonD-821125, 20 Oct 2020i've had this since may of 2018 and it does everything... moreGo to apps>launch>turn off "manage all automatically".
Every huawei and honor phones need to do this do multitasking.

  • Amanda

I bought this 2018, that time this phone and model very good for who those want budget smartphone with not bad specifications but if you choose this model in 2020 not recommended at all. You can get more better smartphone with budget price in 2020/2021.

  • AnonD-821125

hell no you shouldn't get the 7a in 2020. you would go about better with a 4 year old ex flagship used phone that costs the same.

AnonD-821125, 20 Oct 2020i've had this since may of 2018 and it does everything... moreAlso no compass is a deal breaker for someone. Even tho I don't see why they would buy 7a in 2020

  • AnonD-821125

i've had this since may of 2018 and it does everything i throw at it with no problems whatsoever but i hate the paranoid background app killing, you can't multitask by any stretch of the imagination lol

  • Anonymous

Is the phone good, should I buy it.

  • Honor 7A owner


1. No compass sensor, no gyroscope. Check it with any device stats app from play store.
2. In India Vodafone volte doesn't work. Airtel Volte works. I put the same Vodafone sim in another phone and volte started working. So it is Huawei software problem.
3. No major updates. Still stuck on Oreo in 2020.
4. Full of Huawei bloatware. However you can remove them through adb.
5. Default camera app is trash. Use another app like Footej from playstore.

Pros: You get a cheap basic phone with 3000 mah battery that is conserved by automatically killing all apps.
(Don't think of running any app overnight)

  • Anonymous

Sam, 12 Dec 2018Couldnt figure out how to hide apps hence ive tried to zoom... moreTo hide apps, swipe two fingers in diagonal opposite direction, at home screen.

  • 1ce2go

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2020I can't install Google apps in honor 7A phoneuse google installer apk to do that

  • Anonymous

I've got Honor 7a for 2 years now, and it has single camera on the back, and i'm pretty sure it has no compass. How do I know? Several apps that require it, say that there is no required sensors. Not accurate specs. At all.

  • Anonymous

I can't install Google apps in honor 7A phone

  • Brian

The best for its money

Slow, bad performance in Bulgaria, Sofia in EU

  • Nicky

Any update for OS 9 for this phone?