Honor 7A

Honor 7A

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  • Rich watarious

Oh oh oh Huawei! I felt very happy seeing this phone but after seeing that small battery I feel you shouldn't have made this phone. Xiaomi is giving more battery life and making users happy look at what you have done. Poor battery not for me.

  • Allan Aquino

this is my ideal phone . thank you for making such a phone . I'm gonna get you soon baby . mwuah mwuah tsup tsup !

  • Not Google

how many phones does Huawei release? and why is the battery 2900 mAh on a 6 inch Huawei phone,thats like you put a 2900 mAh battery in a 5.5 inch phone

Thamjeed, 22 Feb 2018Not confirmed yetMaybe no but it will be up to 3000 which on a 6 inch screen is useless as having laser sight on a slinger or having a car wipers on a TIR.

  • Thamjeed

Another midranger from honor...awaiting for this and mia2(mi a1 2018)

  • Thamjeed

CptPower, 22 Feb 2018WoW 6 inch screen on a 2900 mAh battery what a joke :-) Ph... moreNot confirmed yet

  • KF

How many phones does Huawei release per week?
Or how many variants of already existing models they do release per week?

WoW 6 inch screen on a 2900 mAh battery what a joke :-)
Phone is really nteresting. Its sticker says DO NOT BUY i last less than a day on a charge,