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  • Tom

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020Battery timing is very very badHad problems with timing. Did battery replacement and now it works as it should have.

  • Anonymous

Nata, 27 Jul 2020Very bad battery, otherwise ok. After a year, the battery l... moreBattery timing is very very bad

  • Irukandji

K.C., 13 Jun 2020Have this phone since December 2016, and this is the best b... moreAgreed

  • Nata

Very bad battery, otherwise ok. After a year, the battery life started deteriorating very quickly. After 1.5 years I had to charge it during the day because the phone wouldn't even last for a day of mild use (occasional messaging, emails, checking weather, music - no gaming, barely any phone/video calls and only very occasional short videos). After 2 years I was walking around with a charger and power bank at all times because the battery barely lasted a few hours. Then it started turning off whenever I tried to use the camera. It got worse and would shut off even while using the camera and plugged in (and fully charged!). After another month the battery lasted max. 10 Min. Now the phone needs to be plugged in all the time and even then, it will shut off after too much use (5-10 min of messaging, looking at photos etc.). Then it will endlessly try to restart until it finally shuts off and needs to sit at least 3 hours before it will start again. Sometimes even when showing 100% charged and charging a full day/night, it will not manage to restart. :( I'm buying a new phone very soon!

my phones has issues with 4g, where signals are weak.Others cellphone with same network can receive 4g network, but I'm getting 2g. May be its because limited 4g bands support ??

  • Samorez

I bought Honor L09 in July 2017 for 270 Euros (wilderness of Russia). This was the best purchase I made. 3 years of active gaming, music and Internet surfing. There were no complaints about the operation of the hardware and software, except for the almost dead battery. Last week I replaced the battery and the phone became like new (apart from minor scratches on the back cover).

  • K.C.

sayabosanhidup, 11 Feb 2020well m planning to buy it someday now that it s only us$87... moreHave this phone since December 2016, and this is the best buy ever. Of course after almost 4 years battery is not perfect anymore, but it makes it through the day.

One of the best things about this phone is the camera. Last three years we took all our holiday pictures with this phone and used them in printed albums with fantastic result.

  • Paul

European L09 device, still on Android 7.0 myself, Android security patch level 1st of December 2018. I think the security situation worries me more than not getting Android 8.0 (I found EMUI 5.0 to be perfectly adequate). Anyway, I expected this much though it is disappointing.

If you want long-term updates, you should either be prepared to use alternative means for getting them (I am sure it is technically possible to update this phone to 8.0), or just go with Apple/Google devices (5 and 3 years support, respectively). Samsung is also good with security updates (3 year support) though not as good with OS updates (support for 2 OS iterations).

  • Anonymous

Maui, 14 Jan 2020It was confirmed from Huawei through an email that certain ... moreuse firmware finder in the play store to update to the latest version available. Just be warned that it will kinda ruin your phone so you will have to reset your phone and then let the system repair itself

  • Anonymous

Maui, 14 Jan 2020It was confirmed from Huawei through an email that certain ... moreThat seems correct. My Honor has B416 firmware and neither HiSuite nor Updater offer newer version.

  • sayabosanhidup

Paul, 01 Jan 2020Have had this phone for 3 years. Overall, I think it was a ... morewell m planning to buy it someday now that it s only
us$87 for the 4ram 32rom n us$98 for d 4ram 6rom

n i dont really mind it being outdated as long as it can
run whatsapp n doesnt lag n have reasonable battery

i just want a cool phone n a smartphone from huawei

  • Maui

Sarmad, 21 Dec 2019I'm at 7.0, not receiving any update through honor suite,no... moreIt was confirmed from Huawei through an email that certain US L04 and L09 models would not be getting Android 8.0. They released the update by your phone's "region of origin". My L04 came from NY and they checked my specific model line and said it would not be getting the update. It's lame but I love my phone :/

  • Paul

Have had this phone for 3 years. Overall, I think it was a good purchase. Firstly, the dual-SIM functionality works, which was one of the main reasons I went for it (in the Netherlands, most of the phones sold were single-SIM). Then the camera is good if conditions are right. It does struggle in low light, and videos are shaky due to lack of OIS/proper EIS, however, stills in good lighting conditions come out excellent.

EMUI has grown on me. Having previously used a near stock Android OS in my Motorola G1, EMUI 7.0 does not actually feel all that different. Also, I haven't experienced any lag whatsoever, which means that the perceived heaviness of the skin is well handled by the phone. Plus it comes preinstalled with some media apps like Music (a local music player) or Sound Recorder, which relieves you of having to look for such apps in the app store (for whatever reason, stock Android still doesn't include proper apps). Oh, and the camera app is great, owing to the many features.

The downsides? The last update received dates back to December 2018, the speaker is not loud enough, the glass back is prone to scratches (though that was a non-issue for me, since I put on a case right after purchase). Finally, the battery life was never that great. A full charge will generally last you a full day, but if you use it extensively, you will need a top-up in the evening. More on that, in the past year I noticed in some rare occasions that, the phone will shutdown due to empty battery even when the battery meter shows 20-40%. This does make you want to have your powerbank with you when traveling.

Anyway, would I go for a Huawei phone again? Yes, but only once they fix their conflicts with the US (google services are important), and only at the right price. I think 500-550 Euros is the max I would spend which might be just enough for a P-series phone. More than that, and I would be looking for long-term Android updates which clearly, a Huawei device cannot offer.

In short, good phone well worth the 370 Euros I paid for it in Jan 2017. Also, Huawei/Honor phones are good and EMUI is solid, however, watch out for the US/Android situation and factor in the likely lack of long-term updates in the purchase decision.

I'm at 7.0, not receiving any update through honor suite,nor fw updater.
should I try any other methods like de-branding etc for update to oreo ? Is it really worth ?
Review regarding phone:
More than 2 years with this phone(L-09). Phone is amaizing reagrding build and design. Dropped many times, (I dont use any cover/pouch) a little crack on the front glass though but still, phone is durable and working flawlessly. I dont have any over night or fast battery drain issue, and battery last for a day easily with normal usage( not a gamer, but Wi-Fi,mobile data,4g , location is 24 hours active).
*32GB memory is bit low,as I use dual sim, so no space for memory card :(

  • Brian W

The phone was amazing at first and still is the camera is sharp in most conditions it's got class leading pixel size for its age and keeping up and even beating some of my friends with their newer Samsung notes but battery life has degraded badly over time i always carry around my charger and yes after the android 8 update the camera experience is what's keeping me so far but the but the battery life is terrible so it's been a good run but now I have to let it go the software has multiple bugs and they are annoying the hardware lags hard at times Gaming is ok for the most part then you start noticing the quick drain so yes sadly it's time is up Xiaomi have some good offerings I'll go check there

  • Musta

Jack79Sparrow, 18 Sep 2019for me and after more than 5 years with (hyawei / honor) i'... moreI agree with you

  • sima

ZÉ, 14 Aug 2019to sima.......Bactery not bad you must put must time de wi-... morelol, i know i also use extreme power saving, but i don't standby drains this phone much faster than same other phones(with 3000 mah) also overnight drain is also faster than expected...maybe it's something with the battery stamina, radio cell or os optimization...that's why i'm planning to update to oreo in hope for better os optimization

  • sima

Zoks, 18 Oct 2019I see lot's of users are complaining because they are still... moreokay? r u serious? cuz i'm rlly in rush to update to oreo(i'm nougat) in hope that battery life could be better, and those cool oreo feature...but if u sayin tru, then i'm cool with 7.0 cuz i don want the batter to get worse even tough i'm still not satisfied

  • Zoks

zootx, 18 Sep 2019Had a nice run with this with phone. The firmware has not ... moreSo your only reason for phone change is because It does not have security updates? Are you working for CIA or something?

  • Ladison

Hello guys, has anyone experience with some really good ROM? Let me know pls, thx