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  • Anonymous

Anomynous, 04 Jun 2021I like this phone a lot, just 2 downsides: 1) I have an FR... moreI have a FRD-L09 with EMUI 8.0, all you gotta do is go to the system update, click on the three dots on the top right corner, and hit Download latest full package. I was confused at first as to why I didn't have the update at the time when it came out, but then I found out how to update it by myself so yeah, hope this helps.

I bought my Huawei Honor 8 FRD-L04 phone back in 2016 or 2017 and have had no issues with it other than having to replace the battery in 2020. I'm back online now in 2021 looking for a new phone; not because I want to replace it, not because it's broken... but because the recent change in US cell service has rendered the actual call service of the phone to be unreliable. I need a phone with multiple internal antennas with x, y & z scanners in order to use the cell towers now... necessitating a new phone :( same thing happened to my sister a couple months ago and a friend 2 weeks ago. Posting this here so others might see it. It's not widely known yet that this is causing cell use problems with older but still working phones.

  • Anonymous

FRD-L14 here
No updates to new Android versions but that's OK. Bought around 2017 and used daily. Phone is small compared to a lot of phones nowadays . It's great in hand, Kirin 950 is plenty fast still, good camera, good display. UI is different compared to Moto but it has everything I need out of the box. The only bad was battery that needed to be replaced (but that's expected for a 4-5 year old) and phone was great again. Still being used.

  • VinuLohith

hi, I have been using this phone since 2017 , till now not faced its working fine . i have replaced battery once ,its only due to my full night charging habit. when compare to current generation phone camera i will little bit disappointed other wise its quite good , dont face any lagging or network issue . and the button action is not good after 5 years . i think i have to replace it .
over all experience after 5 years
1. good display
2. finger print accessing speed is outstanding
3. performance is good ,camera is average compared to recent phones
4. connectivity is ok, sound is good ,charging speed is low
5. battery life (decent)

  • Raxous

Black Dollar , 30 Jul 2021Mine is exactly 5 years but still in very good condition as... moreYou are lucky. I bought mine somewhere in 2016 as well. But unlike yours, my screen was quite okay, but it started to do weird things, so I had to replace it. For instance, the hotspot suddenly didn't work, nobody could connect to me any more. Also, it was quite some outdated. The camera especially, it seems to me. But hey, I bought it and thought it would last about 2 years, so it kind of surprised on that front that I kept it so long :D
I wish yours good luck, so it may last longer than mine did.

  • Black Dollar

Paul, 09 May 2021After almost 4.5 years of very decent service, I finally re... moreMine is exactly 5 years but still in very good condition aside the shattered front and rear display

I like this phone a lot, just 2 downsides:
1) I have an FRD-L09, so it's android 6.0- android 7.0, no android 8.0 update for me :(
2) The design is pretty bad for someone in the second half of 2021. It looks a bit old and a tiny bit like my old phone, the Galaxy S5 (just without the home button).
I'd recommend this phone to people switching from phones made before 2017 and like Huawei's EMUI.

  • Paul

After almost 4.5 years of very decent service, I finally retired my Honor 8 and switched to the S20FE. The battery life had deteriorated considerably over the past 2 years. Moreover, the battery would occasionally die when it was supposed to be at 40-50 % charge according to the home screen.

In any case, proved to be a good purchase. Would not say it was a great phone, but a reliable phone with a very good CPU that still holds up today and a good camera in daylight. Also. EMUI is not at all bad, the sound recorder and player app are good. Would have gotten another Huawei device if it wasn't for this US embargo.

  • Anonymous

ImKhan2021, 31 Jan 2021Dear All i have been using this model for year and half a... moreCheck your Android version, if is about 7.0-8.0 then it should be up to date, or else you should update it.
You can clear cache for some of your app, I faced the same problem and clear cache helps

  • adesh

Ira, 22 Feb 2021I been using this phone for 5 years already and still good.... moreI replaced the battery last year. Its not difficult to do. Now my Honor 8 works like new. I plan to keep another 2-3 years.

  • prakash

Nata, 27 Jul 2020Very bad battery, otherwise ok. After a year, the battery l... moresame here

  • Anonymous

Nata, 27 Jul 2020Very bad battery, otherwise ok. After a year, the battery l... moreI've the same problems

  • Ira

Paul, 01 Jan 2020Have had this phone for 3 years. Overall, I think it was a ... moreI been using this phone for 5 years already and still good. Still updating.. . But my only problem now is the battery... until now I’m still using it...

  • ImKhan2021

Dear All
i have been using this model for year and half and timely getting updates now i have reset to factory settings and i am unable to get upgrades, now running on the initial version, because of this i am unable to install some apps which required higher android versions
Can anyone help me how can i get upgrade version.

  • sterna

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Very bad experience. accelerometer not work properly. Bluet... moreNo dedicated memory card slot?

My son loves this movie, he watches it before he sleeps, really surprised to see dr strange using this honor phone (before the car accident scene in the movie). I was surprised, since at the beginning we saw an iphone (surgery scene) and an ipad mini after. So honor pretty much paid a lot to be in this movie.

  • Anonymous

Very bad experience. accelerometer not work properly. Bluetooth not working properly, No dedicated memory card slot. battery timings very bad. only 2 things are good 64gb memory and back camera results averagely good.

  • V

Worst phone experience I've had probably. Battery degraded to about 40% after 2 years, would randomly turn off, completely unreliable. Got very hot when using the camera are gaming. Swore never to buy honor again.

  • grayworm

I have mine today. up and running perfectly. Updated to Android Nougat and EMUI 5.0.4.
Best phone ever had so far for that cheap price, nicely built and beautiful design

  • SIER

very-very Hot,ovehead hot