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Hello guys
Give me some ideas. I just want to know what do you think about updating to harmoneyos?

certainly to have google services and applications are updated daily,
just a great device that works without any problems even after 3 years,
so I have - 2 :) of them.

  • Mody

Johnclinton, 21 Sep 2021I'm using the honor 8X with version JSN-AL00a and I�... morePlease tell me
Is google service exist in honor 8x ?
Google play ; google search ...etc

  • Johnclinton

I'm using the honor 8X with version JSN-AL00a and I've been looking for the Android 9 upgrade it's not showing ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธ in the software update any remedy for that

update play store and restart the phone

  • yiling

where can we download now ๐Ÿ˜ญ can't download apps on Google play anymore

The new ''Honor Magic 3'' uses Sensor Sony IMX766 Sensor size 1 / 1.56 Resolution 50 Mpx Pixel size 1.00 ยตm Pixel Binning 1-4 (2x2) + 64Mp 3.5x zoom periscope lens is included, with max digital zoom up to 100x
Slow Motion Video, 960 fps 4K Video 60fps, Ultra stable video, Laser autofocus (LAF) Black & white 2 Resolution 64 Mpx, the same Camera of ''Oppo Find X3 Pro'',
this is the second best camera currently after Sony IMX 700 that uses ''Honor magic 3 Pro +'', so if you are willing to pay around $ 900 then don't think about, just go and buy this incredibly high quality phone with a beautiful camera that I believe you will like.

So I just ask for certainty, is the new Honor magic 3's camera like Honor 8x's? Actually Honor 8x has a pretty awsome camera because it is actual 20mp as mentioned. It is also far better that Honor 9x's camera.

honor 8x does not use interpolated camera, it is 20mpx without losing quality( only in AI mode it is locked at 12mpx and in portrait and night mode locked at 8mpx and that's because of the software ), so in normal photography it uses pure 20mpx because interpolated camera It simply makes the pixels bigger, which can introduce blurriness, artifacts, pixelation, and other issues that can degrade the image's quality, simply pixel numbers increase and If your smartphone details the camera as โ€œ12MP interpolated to 48MPโ€, then know that your photos are actually at a 12MP quality but processed to look like 48MP. mean new phones camera 108 mpx in fact it is 4x4 or 27mpx x4 = 108mpx.

  • RMR

Misaghi, 12 Aug 2021https://www.huaweicentral.com/honor-harmonyos-upgrade-plan-... moreFantastic ๐Ÿ‘

  • spock

the Honor 8x has 2 rear cam lenses i.e. 20mp & 2mp-what is the 'Interpolated'-overall resolution?-my current cam phone interpolates to 16mp , i require 18mp from a new phone.

Here it says that Honor 8x will get harmoneyos. Is is official?

good thing you replied to him because he is a pessimistic guy and ironically laughs thinking that he is very smart but still looks more like a beginner

  • Lgpartha

Misaghi, 31 Jul 2021It is weird. My Honor 8x is JSN-L 22 and I have not gotten ... moreMy JSN L22 Got 10.0.260 update in UAE today

it looks like you got lost, this is a page for Honor 8x not for iphone, nor for Honor 9x but your comment you can probably only you to understand because you lost a point here, we are talking about Honor 8x and this model has several versions of JSN-L21, JSN-L22, JSN-L23, JSN-L42, JSN-AL00 / JSN-TL00 and that includes different software and hardware components, so that's where the various support for updates comes from, so my luck is that I use the JSN-L21 model which is the best in that sense and receives regular updates and is the most stable, of course you can't know that, because you don't own this model and I hope you understand, and like your brother who has Honor 9x with display problem, here Honor 8x has no such problems.
{ My brother has a Honor 9X. Recently I realized a small white dot in his phone's display and it is only visible in white backgrounds} differences everywhere.

pane, 31 Jul 2021JSN-L 21 global, EuropeActually I get Iphone fans here. They always say regular updates and good support( but I think this is a good excuse for spending such big money ona phone). Most of android mid-range phones specially huawie have the problem of not getting regular updates. Even my brother's honor 9x gets updates once in a while.๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

JSN-L 21 global, Europe

pane, 31 Jul 2021that it probably differs from L-21 and L22 but you can try ... moreActually I tried all the mentioned methods but they didn't work. Maybe it is because of the phone's region. I think only asia and china versions get update...

that it probably differs from L-21 and L22 but you can try it through the HiSuite app, connect to your PC via USB and install the HiSuite app then type in the numbers to connect and when you are inside then click UPDATE and it will ask for the latest system update for your phone, but first of all restart the phone and check in the app software update in advance write system settings ''allow'' also in storage clear cache. I note that this is one of the few phones that has reached from Android 8 to Android 10 and receives updates regularly and applications from the play store are updated daily, the software update now comes every 3 months and the last one is 10.0.260- few days ago.